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Summer Camp Staff Appreciation Day 1!

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It’s time to start the Staff Appreciation Raffle!  First off, we’d like to give a huge thank you to all the staff this summer who have done an amazing job running computer camp and making differences in the lives of our students.  Working at camp is hard work.  The hours are often long.  Technical issues come up.  You learn our curriculum, serve as a parent and mentor, play with and guide the students, deliver customized instruction–and you do it week in and week out with grace and a smile.

Remember, the Staff Appreciation program was put in place this year with one goal in mind:  Great Summer Camps = Happy Campers.  Happy campers are created one day at a time, 1-on-1.  You are integral to making iD the best it can be, and all of you deserve to win one of our Staff Raffle prizes.

So, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Just to give you guys a reminder, here are the prizes:

5 Megabyte Prize:

Today we raffled off 5 Nintendo Wii Systems.  The winners were chosen at random, by me, with 20 witnesses–our full time crew in the background (and three staff members who stopped by from UCLA–500 miles away–to try to “influence” the results.  Sorry guys, nice try though!)

And the winners are…

Congratulations to you five!  Each of you will be mailed your Wii by Ruth, here in the main office.

We’ll be pulling winners for the next 3 days so check back to the blog daily to see if you’ve won.  And, please remember, this isn’t about winning a prize!  This whole appreciation raffle is about rewarding and recognizing you, our summer staff crew, for running the best summer technology camps in the country.  Without you, iD would not be.

Have a great day!

-Big Pete

  • JenniferLee

    Yaay, I won. That was a gigantic shocker!! Woo, thanks!

  • JenniferLee

    Yaay, I won. That was a gigantic shocker!! Woo, thanks!

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