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Summer Camp Photo-of-the-Week, 6-12-08, iD Tech Camps

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Dear Students and Summer Camp Staff @ iD Tech,

Last night I went to look for the photo-of-the-week winner for this week. It was a lot of fun to get an idea for what is going on at computer camp around the country. When I look for the photo winners, I am looking for creativity, iD Spirit, fun, energy, whackiness…pictures that paint the picture for what our camps are like. Of course, the better quality photos are preferred, but I also realize there are different levels of camera quality out at camp. So, for this week, guess what…EACH OF THE BELOW PHOTOS IS A WINNER! That’s right, every school wins this week.

Remember, many more pictures can be found online here. We look forward to many more photos next week!

Photo-of-the-Week Winners

Washington University, Crazy Campers

Washington University, lab time

Washington University, focusing on project

Washington University, 3D Game Design

Washington University, Playing on campus

Washington University, Teens at Camp

Washington University, Check out the lab and the project creation!

University of Houston

University of Houston

University of Houston check-in table

University of Houston, Going to Camp

University of Houston, Where is the camper?

University of Houston, All Smiles

University of Houston, Grassy Fields

University of Houston, Campers in Action

Vanderbilt University, Hanging out on the steps

Vanderbilt University Food, I spot RM Justin in the dining hall

Vanderbilt University, Let us out!

Vanderbilt University…up close!

Vanderbilt University, Summer Camp is in session

Vanderbilt University, nap time

Vanderbilt University, Capture the flag

Emory University, Mac Lab

Emory University, Frisbee Time

Emory University, Non-Computer Time


Emory University, Dining Hall

Emory University, Great Costumes and Spirit

Emory University, Sideways Smiles!

Emory University, Getting Crazy

Emory University, Getting ready to rock!

Lake Forest College Summer Camp, iD Tech Camps

Lake Forest College Summer Camp, iD Tech Camps

University of Arizona Lab Decor

University of Arizona Lab Decor–Looking Good

University of Arizona, Guitar Hero!

University of Arizona Lab

Camp Director, Barbara and Student

University of Arizona–UT3

Colorado College, Prepping for Camp Check-In

Colorado College

Colorado College Group Shot

University of Miami Summer Camp Name Game

University of Miami–On Campus

University of Miami Robotics Camp

University of Miami, Having Fun

University of Miami, preparing for check-in

OK guys, I know there are a lot more pictures out there. Thanks for posting pictures. Next week, we’ll narrow down the list, but I want to thank every camp who posted pictures. Every camp wins this week! Have a great Friday. Have fun at Family Showcase. Show off those cool projects!!



  • Kerri

    What a Fantastic camp and Awesome Staff! Julian had an Amazing time! What a wonderful alternative summer camp experience for kids!

    Kerri …Mom of above pictured Guitar Hero and Nationally Certified School Psychologist :)

  • Pete

    Hi Kerri,

    Thanks for your post and thanks for the kind words. We work hard to make sure we get the comments like those you just posted on our computer camps blog!

    Have a great day! We hope to see Julian again at camp for another week this or next summer!



  • Pete

    Thanks for your post–this is indeed what a summer technology camp looks like!

  • Pete

    You have a pretty cool Blog Link. Thanks for sharing your info. Remember, you can find the country’s #1 summer computer camp s, game design camps and tech camps at



  • Charlie

    Awesome camp! It was my first time coming to ID this summer, and all I have to say is it was a blast! I learned a lot from the smart instructors, cool programs, and just had so much fun with the friends I met. I know I am coming back either this summer or next summer.

  • Pete


    Thanks for your post about or summer computer camp! I am glad you ha fun and met new friends. That is what it is all about! Thanks for your post. We hope you can come back for another week of camp this season!


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