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Summer Camp for World of Warcraft Enthusiasts

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A few weeks ago, a team member at iD Tech Camps sent me a link to a very cool article about World of Warcraft. We teach Game Modding in our summer video game camps, and one of the games we mod is Warcraft lll: The Frozen Throne. We all know World of Warcraft is huge. Huge. OK, techies and gamers know that, at least. But ten million players?

The article, by Mike Smith, highlights the fact that a populous of ten million players surely dwarfs other multiplayers–not to mention other countries. He also makes a fun argument that World of Warcraft could, indeed, be the world’s largest corporation. OK, it’s a stretch. But a fun stretch. Take a few minutes to read this article at

  • Ellen Christophe

    I would love to find a camp for World of Warcraft fans; my son is 13 1/2.
    Phone is 818 209 7666.
    Location: San Fernando Valley, or L.A.

  • Pete

    You are in luck! We’ll be contacting you shortly to see if your son can attend one of our summer computer camps featuring World of Warcraft. Thanks for inquiring.




  • Pete

    We run summer technology camps for kids and teens ages 7-17 at universities nationwide. Please consult
    for a complete listing of where we run our camps. Good luck!

  • Dean

    ok im a level 80 death knight and you know im looking for a camp to do pve im on the realm medivh and my toons name is lavaskull look him up in the armory and im like 12 but i plan on going at the age of 13 (my parents are down with me goin) sooo yaeh i wanna play wow and learn more skills

  • Pete

    Hi Dean,

    We’re glad you found iD Tech. You can hone your skills at our summer camps. Check out and click on courses, and you will find out more about the programs you want.


  • nathan

    hi i cant find any camps having to do with world of warcraft. can you tell me what camp it is in?

  • Pete

    Hi there,

    We have a game modding camp with WarCraft 3 at 60 university locations across the country.

    To check our locations, please visit and you’ll be able to see the dates the courses are offered according to the location you want to attend.



  • Marcus

    Hey, I’m 13 1/2 and I was wondering, are there any WoW camps for beginners like myself? I’ve tried the trial of WoW, and really liked it, but some of the aspects of the various classes seemed somewhat confusing. Anyway, if there are any camps out there for WoW beginners, please tell.

  • Erik

    Oh hi, i was wondering what WOW means.

    I know pete will say, “thanks for finding us!” and what-not.
    But this place is like 1000 dollars. My parents cant afford this maddness I tell you!

    This is a great camp,
    but way to pricey!

  • Austin Arnold

    I am 13 and I want to go to the summer camp for world of warcraft. My mom is fine with it if I can find one. I would like more details so please contact me. Thanks!

  • Luke Wolff

    i dont know if anyone still monitors this, but i would love to go to a camp that involves world of warcraft, please email details if it still goes on

  • Pete

    Hi Luke, you might want to check out the course we offer on Starcraft ll. Cut and paste this link into your browser.

  • Ryan Matthes

    If this camp is truly based of WoW ill go in a blink of an eye. Is it like strictly about the game or modding to make games like it? Give me details please. thanksss.