In these tough times, we band together.

We’re offering premium online learning experiences right now, with pricing designed to stretch your family’s budget. For ages 7-19.

In these tough times, we band together.

We’re offering premium online learning experiences right now, with pricing designed to stretch your family’s budget. Ages 7-19.

Summer camps and Coronavirus: How COVID-19 is leading to adjustments big and small.

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The only thing that’s certain in this time of uncertainty is that we are all making adjustments; and that each week - maybe even every day - is going to bring some sort of required shift or additional change. 

And I’m not just talking about the huge, beyond-this-blog adjustments of needing to care for the health of those in need, and dealing with economic ups and downs.

I'm also talking about those things that are typically reserved for the lighter side of life—having friends over for dinner, celebrating birthdays, and more.

Everything is just, well, different. 

While we’d obviously love a return to normalcy, people have made adjustments to still do at least some things—whether that means pulling out a lawn chair to the driveway in order to socialize with neighbors, or having virtual meals with others across laptops and mobile devices. 

Which brings us to summer camp. 

As we enter what would normally be a ramp-up period in terms of parents planning for and registering their kids and teens to attend a summer program, times are requiring us to think differently. 

From the child’s perspective, are they even going to be excited for summer now that they’re already in the throes of being out of school? For parents, you might be wondering "Is summer camp canceled or postponed?" If so, are you even more concerned with the summer slide? Will summer have to be utilized for learning now more than ever? How is that going to happen?

Tons of questions, and really, not many answers. It’s not a bad thing, but each of us is just trying to feel things out and do what we think is best in the moment. (If you're struggling with how to talk to kids about the coronavirus, know that doing so could help everyone at home feel more at ease.)

Here at iD Tech, I can’t even begin to tell you about all of the adjustments being made as we shift from summer camp primarily to year-round, and on-demand tech educator; but I’ll try to hit on a few. 

Virtual Summer Camps & Online Learning

What’s currently happening:
Schools have closed and thus kids are not physically attending school in-person as they normally would be at this time.

That has resulted in too many effects to list, but primarily, many kids are not currently being exposed to structured learning opportunities. Some schools are carrying on with distance learning - or will be ramping up after “spring break” - but it’s really a district-by-district determination.

Same goes for required assignments, grading of those assignments, graduation requirements, and other involved factors. (Here are details that pertain to California schools specifically, in order to get a better idea of the different considerations). Not to mention the ability for families to stay connected to distance learning, or the willingness of students to participate. 

From all of this, one thing is clear—education now is much different than what it was before.  

One summer camp’s adjustment:
As a result, you’re seeing a spike in families looking for online learning classes and opportunities. It’s not just that kids are out of school, but they’re home all day every day and need things to do while stuck inside

So, knowing that kids need learning outlets right now, and will probably still need opportunities in the summer, we’ve launched Virtual Summer Camps. These are structured, weeklong sessions of small groups of students (max 5) with live instructors. 

And it’s not just about providing online learning so brains stay sharp. 

With kids out of school and home with only their families, they’re also missing out on friends and relationships. Thus, socialization is one big point of differentiation between many online learning platforms and a “virtual camp” offering, in which kids aren’t only engaging in active learning with 2-way communication between themselves and a live instructor, but doing so alongside other students...learning, yes, but laughing and working together, too. 

We’ve always been known for putting a new and different spin on what the traditional summer camp was thought to be, or, at least injecting something new and different. That is, incorporating learning into the summer camp atmosphere, and offering classes built around relevant tech topics students don’t really get to experience elsewhere, including Python coding, Java, Minecraft modding, and more. 

Peace-of-Mind Policies

What’s currently happening:
Events and gatherings are being postponed and rescheduled. Thus, families are hesitant to book anything in advance, which of course includes summer camps even months away. 

One summer camp’s adjustment:
Knowing that families are wary of commitment, we are doing what we can to remain flexible, and give them as much peace of mind as possible.

What’s that mean? 

It means that up to 24 hours before a scheduled online session, or up to 14 days before the start of an on-campus session, families can make unlimited changes to their registration without any fees. It also means that if a family cancels their session prior to those windows, they can choose to receive a credit voucher for their full amount paid to date. 

There are additional details and more to the policy, which you can check out here

Camper Health and Safety

What’s currently happening:
Social distancing has been recommended to limit face-to-face contact in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. And while camper health and safety have always been a primary parent concern while kids and teens are off at summer camp, those concerns will probably be elevated even when it's OK for groups to gather in the future.  

One summer camp’s adjustment:
In each of our 21 years, we have diligently prepared for the possibility of a communicable disease affecting our programs. Thus, we have successfully navigated Measles, Norovirus, SARS, and H1N1.  

How? It starts with practicing good hygiene habits—regularly disinfecting spaces, and as we have all been recently reminded, frequent and thorough hand washing as easy preventative measures for all illnesses. 

We employ the camp industry standards of the American Camp Association and the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control. This year, we have incorporated the recommendations from the World Health Organization into our procedures. Further precautions may be put in place as the current health situation and public health recommendations evolve.

There are a number of protocols staff follow in order to prevent the spread of and handle response to illness, which you can learn more of here

Two-Way Support

Our small, family company is depending on our loyal community—parents like you—now more than ever to make it through this COVID-19 crisis. 

Each time a parent places trust in us with the purchase of Virtual Tech Camps, Online Private Lessons, and of course, on-campus summer programs, we gain critical traction.

So, during this time of perpetual adjustments, we are deeply grateful for the support, and we look forward to delivering the highest-quality programs to kids and teens everywhere, without compromise.

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