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One of the coolest things about STEM is that no matter the size of your city or state, there is always something going on that can be tied directly to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

If you frequent major publications like Forbes and others, you already know that a lot is being said about STEM education—which is undoubtedly awesome. Within most of these pieces, you'll find strong opinions, bold statements, and a bevy of stats and figures. These are the sources and stories that seem to always rise to the top of the STEM education news feed.

But what about all that is going on with STEM Fest in Utah or STEM Expo in Placer County, CA? What about the specific events, concrete initiatives, and tangible results? What about the things that are actually happening on a daily basis rather than just the rhetoric? These are stories of people in action, making a change.

I come across these types of stories on a daily basis, and it occurred to me that I’m being pretty selfish by keeping it all for myself. Why not let everyone else know what is going on out there? Not only for knowledge's sake, but also because you never quite know what could be ignited from the spark of just one written word.

So, I've gathered a few stories from the last week or so, all involving STEM, education, and technology specifically, and how each of these is playing a part in the lives of boys and girls across the country. Take a minute for your reading pleasure—and feel free to share anything you come across.

No matter how big or small the story, there is some really cool stuff going on out there. We all should be aware.


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