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State of the Industry - Video Games


Are you familiar with GDC?  So you know, the Game Developers Conference is the largest gathering of professional video game developers; coming together annually to “exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.”

In anticipation of their 2013 event, GDC surveyed over 2,500 North American game developers – an audience comprised of those who attended the GDC event in 2012 or planned on attending in 2013 – asking questions about best practices and important gaming trends. Here is a summary of the findings:

  • Indie game development is more popular than ever, with 53% of respondents labeling themselves as “indie developers.”  Not to mention that 46% work within companies made up of 10 employees or less.
  • Mobile development is where it is at.  While 38% of the survey’s developers released their last game for smartphones and tablets together, 55% are making their current games on such platforms, and 58% plan to release their next games on these platforms as well.
  • Internal funding of projects is a popular method.  37% of games are being funded by the company on their own, and 35% are backed by personal funds.  This is compared to only 9% primarily funded via venture capitalists, 10% primarily publisher-funded, and 4% that are primarily crowdfunded.

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