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Snacks - An apple a day…

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Keeps the campers at bay!

Hi, I’m Ruth!  I will be writing a guest blog column called “Snacks!”

I have always been a big supporter of snack time so when I started at iD Tech Camps, I was determined to provide some seriously tasty goodies to my iD Family.  Snacks = happy iDers = happy campers.  As a result, this iD Snacks blog was created!  (Disclaimer: The creation of an iD Daily Exercise blog might be needed after a few of these entries.)

Joy apple

Who doesn’t love biting into a perfectly crisp apple?

My absolute favorite apple hands-down is called the Honeycrisp.  Never heard of it?  Well, my dear summer campers, this apple is only found September-October!  These apples store well (up to 6 months in the right conditions!), are super crispy for a long time, are subtly fruity sweet, yet lightly tart to keep your mouth watering for more.  It really does justice to its own name.  Engineered at the University of Minnesota (where you can attend summer camp with us!) the Honeycrisp is a cross between a Macoun apple and a Honeygold apple.

I discovered these crispy critters when I was an undergrad in Minnesota, and I am pleased to find that these apples have recently become commercially available across the country.  I remember my first Honeycrisp experience incredibly well.  A local farmer had stopped by the office where I worked and dropped off a crate of these smackers as a thank you for helping him out.  After the first bite I was hooked.  I wanted to share these apples with my whole family!  So I immediately ordered a box from a local farm and had it shipped to my mom in California.  It was pretty expensive but well worth it.  She called me the exact moment the UPS man knocked on her door with the delivery.  I remember hearing both of them marveling out loud at the wonderful, fresh, sweet apple fragrance wafting from the box.  What other apple has that effect??  I dare you to find a better apple.

But in the meantime… Whole Foods stocks them for a couple months and many online stores are starting to make them available.  So get them while they last, I promise you won’t regret it.

Reneapple Peteapple

Get your apple a day, iD!


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