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Slime Me! Gross! Staff Training at Berkeley

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Hello iD Nation!

We concluded our final summer camp training session this week on the West Coast–the beautiful urban campus of UC Berkeley.

Before I get started…many staff were inquiring where they could find the summer camp rap video we showed at the beginning of training.  Here is the link on YouTube.  Camp-in-a-Box Summer Camp Rap.

As we were training our West Coast staff, we were simultaneously in operation at our UT Austin summer camp location.  I think we’ve got a pretty special organization.  From the outside looking in, we hope it “seems easy” to do what we do.  If you ask yourself, “what do these guys do in the off-season?”, then we are doing our job.  Making it look easy is part of the magic.  Having fun along the way is also important.

Hopefully, we’ll accomplish both during the upcoming months.  So, let’s have a look see at some of the pictures from our final staff training of the year.  First off, I lost a bet, and, therefore, got slimed in front of 120 staff members.  I’m still cleaning out my ears.  Mark (you know who you are), I’ll get you this summer!  LOL!

Slime in thy eyes


Evening with the staff

Pointing fingers…it was him!

Best Dressed

Study up


Please don’t take my picture, Pete!  (OK, I love it!)

Seminar time for our Camp Directors

Boy Wonder, you have said too much today!

Angel doing his paperwork

Mussels monitoring Paperworkpalooza

Comfy cat nap


Taco Time

Teambuilding activities (Canadian Rock, Scissors, Paper)

Got papers?

Foggy in Berkeley

Scary bear

Even scarier!

Group Pic

Loading down Randy with O.J.

Early morning Guitar Hero ll

Yes, someone fell for the fake banana.  Somebody actually ate the squash.  It was he DelMonte sticker that fooled them.

Slime time

Making the case why I shouldn’t get slimed

Still making the case

Julie, with the counter-argument

I lost

And, got slimed

OK, iD Nation.  I’ll be hitting the road this summer.  You never know where I’ll pop up.  Rest assured, the camps I visit will be blogged.  Have a great summer, everyone.  We are looking forward to executing our best season yet.


  • Ruth

    Pete slimed! Excellent… So gross, but so excellent…

  • Dave N @ Colorado College

    Awesome stuff! I got Pete making his argument and also the sliming on my camera, if someone wants it!

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