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Simple is best

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Sometimes, the simplest messages are the best.  This email was just forwarded to me.  It really sums it up:

-Begin email-

From: Former iD Student (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)
Date: Apr 29, 2007 8:21 PM
Subject: re: old friend from Internal Drive
To: Kevin Painchaud (lead digital video instructor)

Dear Kevin,

I got your e-mail from Chad. I hope you remember me. You were a mentor/instructor when I was in high school and you taught at Internal Drive. How are you? I hope that you have been well. I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, but I’m e-mailing you because I would like to invite you and a guest to a graduation dinner party that I am holding. I’m graduating from USC Film School this May, and I decided to hold a party to celebrate and thank all of the people that had a positive influence in my life. You no doubt had an influence on my life during high school, and I would be honored for you to attend. Chad and Joy are coming, and I would love for you to come too.

The party will be held on Saturday May 12th…

-iD Student

-End of Email-

Kevin was working back with us in ’99, and is still working for us today.  He has been a mentor to hundreds, if not thousands of students.