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ShootMania®: Storm Stands Apart from Traditional FPS Games

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ShootMania®: Storm – a popular first-person shooter video game by Ubisoft® and Nadeo – is approaching its highly-anticipated release.  But while the game is another title in a crowded space of FPS games, it appears likely that it won’t be confused with many – if any – of its counterparts.

“We feel that violence is not compulsory in an FPS as long as players are having fun from chasing and trapping each other,” says Anne Blondel-Jouin – Managing Director of Nadeo Live – in a recent article posted on the Penny Arcade Report.

This “shifting focus” towards games with toned-down violence has creators spotlighting other features, with developers feeling more pressure to deliver on game design and game play, and not relying “on a certain level of violence to entertain the players,” Blondel-Jouin continued.

Thanks to the game’s universal appeal, kids – and their parents – can appreciate ShootMania® for its entertainment value.  Players who have experience with TrackMania® (also by Ubisoft®) will find familiarity in the game’s setup – 3 different environments – as is found with TrackMania® and its sequel TrackMania 2 Canyon®.  iD Tech Camps is basing its FPS Game Design course on ShootMania®, allowing students to take home their own customized maps and video snapshots of the game.

In the end, the makers of ShootMania®are certainly setting a new standard, promoting the aspects that truly make a game different, fun, and continuously engaging.


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