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Saving Time With the Actions Manager

girl learning coding in front of computer

It’s me again.  If you’re like me, you really aren’t into reading directions.  Particularly when it comes to computer applications (and games), I prefer to dive in head-first and just start working, clicking through menus and exploring the various options and what they do.  Therefore, I don’t always go as deep into applications as I would had I taken a seminar or class, or read a book.  With Photoshop CS4, however, I have found some really cool features!  One of my favorites is the action manager: you can use it to manage repetitive tasks.  For instance, I scan a lot of photos, and when all of the photos are the same initial size, I end up doing the same thing, over and over.  I cut my scanning time in half by using the actions manager (which you can get to by making sure that windows/actions is checked) to record an entire action that you often repeat.  I use it to connect to the scanner, scan a set sized photo, and save it, all with one keystroke.  All I have to do is swap photos, hit that key, and I’m ready to go again – no more mousing around in menus.

CS4 has been very, very good to me.