Reliving the iD Halloween Virtual Block Party!

iD Tech in action

405,000 minutes of fun, 50,000 tech-or-treaters, a billion pieces of virtual candy, one awesome Halloween experience!

All over the country, traditions like trick-or-treating were off the table due to COVID-19, meaning that many families had to find creative and safe ways to enjoy the beloved holiday. 

So we decided to get creative, too. 

iD Tech constructed a free, online Halloween experience inside Roblox to provide exactly the kind of innovative solution families needed this year. 

After spending hundreds of hours creating the customized world and receiving thousands of RSVPs, we were completely blown away by this weekend’s results—it was an epic Roblox experience, to say the least.  

Pulling back the curtain

Our talented team of gaming experts spent weeks building the spook-tech-ular Roblox world, and it exceeded even our highest expectations. Haunted house obbys? Check. Tech-or-treating? Got it. A billion pieces of virtual candy? You bet. 

Things were taking shape quickly before the event. 

“We’ve created an awesome experience for kids with festive challenges they’ll never forget,” said Marissa Croniser, one of iD Tech’s in-house Roblox Developers. “Players can virtually visit our “Trick-or-Treat Street” and collect in-game items in lieu of candy to build their scores, and even be featured on our leaderboard.”

But of course, our team of designers didn’t stop there. 

They infused even more incredible features into the Halloween world; players also got to compete against friends, snap pictures in a virtual photo booth, and even watch a virtual fireworks show! 

The iD Halloween Block Party was festooned to the next level with ghost-drawn carriages, spooky lightning strikes, giant pumpkins, and a bounce house filled with virtual candy. 

Delivering spooky delight

A top priority for the iD Roblox game was to create a safe Halloween experience that still maximized fun for kids. 

”After my wife and I observed a lively online discussion about whether or not kids should trick-or-treat this year, we knew this Halloween was going to be a bummer for our kids. At work, we rallied the iD Tech team and took it as our charge to save Halloween for our students. Roblox was the perfect home to connect with our community, offering an entire virtual world for students to explore in the spirit of Halloween,” said Ricky Bennett, iD Tech’s VP of Innovation and Partnerships. 

We are happy to say, we did exactly what we set out to do.

In fact, iD Tech was recently featured in AdWeek alongside household names like Burger King, Reese's, and Krispy Kreme as a brand that reinvented trick-or-treating for 2020.  

Most importantly of all, we were absolutely floored by the response from kids all over the country, and we loved seeing them interact with what we built.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the Halloween extravaganza!

Fierce leaderboard competition

As part of the excitement surrounding the iD Halloween Virtual Block Party, we asked players to take part in the most classic of Halloween traditions, trick-or-treating, by challenging them to collect 100 pieces of candy. 

Players rose to the occasion, and then some! We were amazed that so many kids achieved and surpassed the goal. It put a huge smile on our faces to see so many kids collecting candy, just like they would any Halloween, under 2020’s extraordinary circumstances. 

By Friday night of Halloween weekend, our game in Roblox had been played 20,000 times—that’s a lot of candy-collecting and Halloween fun, and the weekend was just picking up steam.

Awesome costumes, spooky skeletons, and squad selfies

So many cool costumes were on virtual parade that it would be impossible to pick a favorite. (However, the customized iD green skeleton is definitely at the top of our list.)

Using a secret RSVP code, kids were able to snag this one-of-a-kind costume, or they could choose from the rest of the “closet” in the Roblox game. 

Plus, players could even level-up their costume game with awesome AR filters and become a witch, pumpkin, or skeleton!

Dressing up is half the fun of an epic Halloween, and it was great to see it happen in Roblox. 

Saving Halloween

Over the course of Halloween weekend, the iD Block Party in Roblox amassed over 54,000 plays. That’s 54,000 moments of happiness for kids all over the U.S, and in our book, that’s pretty incredible attendance for one party. 

Taking it a step further, we also did the math and found that, in total, the iD Halloween Party provided 405,000 minutes, or 6,750 hours of festive fun!

There’s no telling what Halloween will look like in 2021. But just for now, it is great to know that so many kids were able to safely enjoy staples of Halloween like costumes, interacting with friends, and trick-or-treating.

Our Halloween Block Party provided well-deserved fun, and we know from experience that fun with video games can spark an interest in STEM! If your child loves Roblox, Minecraft, or LEGO robotics, view our courses to learn more about where their path can lead! 

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Virginia started with iD Tech at the University of Denver in 2015 and has loved every minute since then! A former teacher by trade, she has a master's in education and loves working to embolden the next generation through STEM. Outside the office, you can usually find her reading a good book, struggling on a yoga mat, or exploring the Rocky Mountains.