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I issued a challenge to Bryan: Create or break a world record.

This challenge was not taken lightly - but I will get to that momentarily. Bryan accomplished his task and then reissued the same challenge to me: Create or break a world record.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a world record breaking blog post - "The Most Links in a Blog Post on that Lead Back to Without Getting Too Off-Topic"

This summer, we are issuing the same challenge to all of iD Tech Camp locations through a new program called iDX with a little help from the Universal Record Database.

iDX is a competition between four teams that spreads across all iD Tech Camp locations. Teams are made up of several individual camps (mainly centered around a large region) that work together to score points by completing various specific challenges set forth by the iDX administrators (Bryan and I). Many of these tasks have to do with creating or breaking records and each has a value (or bounty) of 1 - 10 points.

For instance, one of our Florida summer camps, such as Rollins College, could get everyone at camp to sign the same sheet of paper. This task would earn the BLUE team 1 point. The other Florida summer camp, namely University of Miami, could then complete the same task for a second point for the BLUE team. An Illinois summer camp, such as Lake Forest College, can tape everyone at camp high-5ing 10 different people which would score the RED team 2 points. Each week we tally the scores and share the statistics on which team is leading for the summer, for the previous week and which camp has scored the most iDX points.

The higher point challenges is where the record breaking begins! An Orange County California summer camp, namely UC Irvine, could get 8 points for the YELLOW team by performing the difficult "Group Soccer Juggle 2" task, where at least 20 Campers need to keep a soccer ball in the air for 5 minutes or 300 taps by juggling with their feet. If their video is accepted by the URDB as a world record setting performance, that point score is doubled!

We are really excited about iDX this year because it adds some competition and cooperation between all iD Tech Camps. Campers are used to competing against other camps in our video game tournaments but now there is another outlet to dominate! I will keep everyone posted on the iDX highlights from this blog and especially call out any new records set by iD Tech Campers or staff.

And, as promised, here's Bryan's record breaking performance: "Longest Time To Keep An American Quarter Balanced On Spinning Coat Hanger"

From URDB:

Bryan Vitale placed an American quarter on the tip of a bent metal coat hanger and spun it for 2 minutes, 56.20 seconds.


- must use a standard coat hanger bent in a diamond shape

- must place/balance an American quarter on tip of hanger

- timing begins when first spin starts

- no adhesives are allowed to keep quarter on hanger

And for future reference, I linked to 19 times in this blog post - setting the current record!!!

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