5 Reasons iD HQ Camps Cultivate Positive Corporate Culture, Employee Retention & More!

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In the wake of the “great resignation”, many tech companies are balancing priorities of employee retention with the need to return to work in person. There’s no denying that the global pandemic has turned the working world upside down, and former mainstays like office-based work and a 9 to 5 schedule are now widely called into question. This leaves employees and employers alike wondering: what’s the best way forward? 

The situation at hand is a challenging one. According to Forbes, 4.5 million Americans have left their jobs as of November 2022. Resignation rates are highest for mid-career individuals, and it’s been noted that the tech industry has been hit particularly hard. Not only that, but women, especially working mothers, have experienced career disruptions at disproportionately high rates throughout the pandemic

In recent weeks, prominent tech leaders like Google and Twitter have announced they are sending employees back to their Silicon Valley offices. But will workers be returning to the status quo? 

Millions of professionals across the nation are asking themselves the same questions. What’s causing this mass exodus from offices? What can be done to create working environments that value and retain great employees? 

A study conducted by MIT recently found that “toxic culture” is the top reason for resignation, even beyond compensation and other factors. In light of this, it’s no wonder that many organizations are focusing on retention strategies such as investing in employees’ growth, establishing healthy work/life balance, and other qualitative improvements to their corporate culture.

Company culture is everything to us here at iD Tech. Not only does it drive our day to day operations, it also inspired our one-of-a-kind onsite tech program: HQ Camps! Employees’ children aged 7-17 can experience the magic of iD Tech Camps at your corporate offices and take the concept of “bring your child to work day” to a whole new level. 

HQ Camps: Innovation for your kids, right at your office

Now more than ever, employees need to come first. That means finding new, meaningful ways to show teams that they are more than metrics. HQ Camps accomplish this and so much more. 

Industry leaders like NVIDIA, PayPal, and Nokia have already experienced the positive impact of bringing world-class STEM programs right to their offices. These turnkey educational programs allow professionals to redefine work/life balance and include their children in their workplace in an enriching, weeklong experience. 

Check out some of the game-changing benefits HQ Camps offer parents, organizations, and of course, kids!

5 amazing benefits of HQ Camps 

Fit your child’s routine into your routine

This was perhaps the challenge for working parents at the height of the pandemic, right? Juggling childcare with work and supervising remote learning isn’t easy, and millions of families soon felt burned out by these conflicting responsibilities. Even now that COVID restrictions and protocols have widely relaxed, the challenges of building a family schedule remain. 

With HQ Camps, parents have the opportunity to bring their children with them to the office and enjoy a productive workday as they are guided by world-class STEM instructors. When compared with trying to answer homework questions during a Zoom meeting, it’s night and day!

We understand all too well the extra stress of getting the whole family from A to B, and it’s high time that companies took steps to mitigate that stress for parents. HQ camps provide a simple, enriching solution that makes parents’ lives easier (and kids’ summers more fun!). 

Enrich their summer with a one-of-a-kind STEM experience

Speaking of fun, the convenience of HQ Camps is matched only by how much your kids will love exploring STEM this summer. 

But don’t take our word for it, this testimony from our HQ Camp hosted at PayPal speaks for itself, "Knox came home every day saying that he had a great day at camp. We are so happy he enjoyed his first experience with a coding camp."

For 23 years, we’ve perfected the art of crafting exciting, relevant, and personalized tech experiences for kids. And with HQ Camps, you can skip the commute to a college campus, and your kids can enjoy the same world-class programming. 

HQ Camps make it easier than ever for kids to unlock a world of possibilities and pathways in STEM. Happy kids make for happy parents, and happy parents make for more productive, focused employees! 

Share your work and their interests

We’ve all been there: asking “How was your day?” and receiving shrugs and monosyllables from kids. With HQ Camps, that conversation gets a major makeover!

Read more: Questions to Ask Instead of "How Was Your Day?"

What if, instead of asking for a summary, you could share what you’re working on as you and your child are in the midst of your projects? 

Parents at PayPal HQ Camp have experienced this difference, "[Our daughters’ iD instructor] was very engaging and brought a lot of enthusiasm! The girls enjoyed the program and couldn't stop talking about their project every single day! They were learning gaming concepts while enjoying what they were building!"

HQ Camps provide the unique opportunity to discuss what both you and your child are most excited about throughout the day. Like adults, it can be hard for kids to remember what they did throughout a busy 8 or 9 hours! This program flips that dynamic so both parents and kids can engage with each other in new, authentic ways. 

Inspire your child where you work

HQ Camps do so much more than introduce kids to trendy tech: they inspire lifelong learning and innovation. And when you combine this long-term mindset with a professional setting, kids can truly envision a future for themselves in STEM and other exciting, tech-centered fields. 

As one NVIDIA HQ Camp participant shared, “The course was fun and interesting, and the instructors were exciting and energetic. I also learned a lot this week about game design and coding, and I can't wait to apply these skills in the future."

There’s a reason we host our in-person programs at the world’s most prestigious college campuses and industry leader’s corporate offices: seeing is believing. 

By learning in an environment that inspires careers, college study, and more, kids will be able to visualize a future internship and see how their new skills might translate to exciting opportunities. If your organization is looking for a pipeline of future talent, proactive recruitment can start close to home. 

Spend unique quality time with your child

As we all learned during nationwide COVID lockdowns, quantity of time is not the same as quality time. Imagine being able to have lunch with your child at your office every day and what a difference that could make both for you and for your child. 

As one Xperi HQ camper said, "I like Xperi because my Mom works here and I can see her every day!"

 In the hustle and bustle of a bust workweek, the chance to spend quality time with their kids during the day is a game-changer for many parents. Especially as families transition to what feels like the 10th iteration of the “new normal”, the built-in structure HQ Camps offer creates wonderful opportunities for parents to connect with their kids. 

Discover this EPIC corporate perk this summer

Parents deserve a work/life balance that actually works for their families. This summer, experience a corporate perk unlike any other and enjoy the benefits of HQ Camps firsthand! Together, we can redefine people-first, positive work culture and create life-changing STEM experiences for kids.

Learn more here. 

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Virginia started with iD Tech at the University of Denver in 2015 and has loved every minute since then! A former teacher by trade, she has a master's in education and loves working to embolden the next generation through STEM. Outside the office, you can usually find her reading a good book, struggling on a yoga mat, or exploring the Rocky Mountains. 

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