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So What Kind of Project Does My Child Make at Camp?

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You’re a smart parent—you know tech camp is one of the best ways to keep your child engaged over the summer. But maybe you still have some questions (102 questions? Only 15?). Or maybe there’s just one question left you really want to know: what will my child really be making at camp?

It’s one of the most common questions we get, and one we’re happy to answer.

One of the best things about iD Tech summer programs is the flexibility our 8:1 student-instructor ratio fosters. When you remove the need to compete with 29 other students for the teacher’s attention, our blended learning environment works for your child instead of against them. This means that while your child is encouraged to follow our project path, they don’t have to. If they come to camp with a unique project idea, our instructors invest the time to work one-on-one with your child to bring it to life.

It would take dozens of blog posts to describe every project your camper could possibly make over the summer. However, here are some real projects our campers have dreamed up and created in our programs. So grab your child and get inspired to make awesome!

iD Tech Camps

This is our biggest division, with courses for ages 7–17 in everything from programming to web design to 3D printing, at locations all across the country. Find your niche! See all iD Tech Courses >

Adventures in Scratch Programming, ages 7–9

The video below is a recording of a game a camper made in our Adventures in Scratch Programming course. Students in this course are introduced to programming concepts via visual drag-and-drop software to create stories, games, and animations. The creative potential of the final projects in this course is huge! Students learn foundational programming skills, like functions, if-then statements, and variables, that they can take with them into their next coding adventure.

Check out the game this camper programmed!


Role-Playing Game Design with RPG Maker, ages 10–12

RPG Maker is a popular game development tool that’s both user-friendly for beginners and versatile for more advanced designers. Students in this course literally create their own game from scratch—they’re responsible for everything from characters to plot development to quests. They create a polished game that includes story dialogue, custom items, and weapons, as well as battles with enemies and bosses, and more.

Check out this rad camper-made game!


Video Production with Adobe Premiere, ages 13–17

Adobe is a powerhouse that makes some of the most relevant digital tools today, and students in this course get to use Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects to bring together the short films they make during the week. Working in small groups, they take turns fulfilling roles like Director, Producer, Scriptwriter, and Actor to produce a complete film. Each student takes home a DVD of their movie, along with all edits and effects they utilized.

Take a look at this thoughtful, documentary-style film from a camper.


Alexa Café

Our all-girls division for ages 10–15 fosters tech learning paired with collaboration, entrepreneurship, leadership, and philanthropy. Girls gather around beanbags and café tables for a unique, fun, and social approach to STEM.

Electric Latte – Coding Electronics with LilyPad Arduino, ages 10–12

This course prepares girls for a wide range of futures; the principles taught can be applied to electrical engineering, programming, robotics engineering, and more. Circuits and electrical design get paired with programming as girls create wearable electronics. What are wearable electronics? Check out the photos!

Alexa Cafe Camp Projects

Not only do the students take home the t-shirt, pillow, stuffed animal, or whatever else they designed, programmed, and hand-stitched, but they also receive a LilyPad Arduino Starter Kit so the learning can continue long after camp is over. Get inspired! Check out all Alexa Café Options >

iD Tech Academies

iD Programming Academy and iD Game Design & Development Academy are our intensive, teen-only (ages 13–18), pre-college divisions. These two-week overnight programs get even more in-depth than our one-week iD Tech Camps courses, meaning projects have the potential for even more variation and intricacy.

iD Programming Academy — Robotics Engineering & Coding

Week one of this course is dedicated to ROBOTC, the programming language that works with the sophisticated VEX robotics system utilized in the Academies. Working in small groups, students use function libraries, sensors, and actuators in mini-challenges in preparation for week two. The second week increases the challenges, adding motors and servos, testing student’s ability to refine and implement various robotic systems.

Parents and campers alike frequently ask what they get to take home from their robotics courses. Alas, we can’t send campers home with a robot, so in this course, students take home a DVD with footage of their week.

VEX Robotics Tech Camp

VEX Camper Projects

Is Your Teen a Coder? Check out iD Programming Academy >

iD Game Design & Development Academy — 3D Level Design with Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine is an astoundingly versatile game engine, responsible for many big-name and impressive game titles from Epic Games. Students in this course get hands-on experience designing their own intricate games within Unreal, incorporating game play elements to create their own levels. Students take home all their project files, including any audio or Photoshop files they created during their two-week session, as well as, of course, their game levels. Here are some camper-created levels from a past session:

Unreal Engine Levels

Unreal Engine Camp Project

Does Your Teen Love to Game? See all iD Game Design & Development Academies >

iD Tech Mini

iD Tech Mini lets our youngest campers (ages 6–9) discover programming, game design, robotics, and graphic design. While the instruction at Mini is less project-focused and more focused on exploration, every course gets a fantastic opportunity to create, not only in the curriculum, but also at our Maker Station.

camper, makeymakey

A camper having tons of fun with MakeyMakey

Using kits like the one from MakeyMakey, literally any everyday object can be combined with the internet to create cool programs! Play a virtual piano using bananas as your keys, squish Play-Doh into the desk to function as your video game controls, or even turn a piece of cardboard into a guitar.

We have a number of high-tech and low-tech gadgets that kids can play with at iD Tech Mini!

Got a young learner? Find your nearest iD Tech Mini location! >

Feeling inspired?

There are still six weeks of camp left with limited space remaining, with even more courses available than the ones detailed here. Don’t miss out on a chance for your child to see their vision come to life. Find a location near you!