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Progressive Tech Toy Maker 'GoldieBlox" Wins Coveted Superbowl Ad Spot


This just in from GoldieBlox, maker of progressive tech-based toys for girls:

“We won Intuit’s Small Business, Big Game Challenge, and we’re going to have an ad in the biggest game of the season! THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH.

We can’t repeat it enough: thank you, thank you, thank you, muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, gratias tibi. We are just so grateful that you — yes, you — helped us get to the Big Game.

We’re just 15 people, but 18 months ago we were one person with a dream. And now we’re going to have a 30 second ad spot in the biggest game of the season? What? How? AHH?”

Image from GoldieBlox.

Their enthusiasm is infectious and their mission is admirable–to create toys for future innovators, and to provide girls with a smart alternative to the usual barrage of pink dolls, make-up sets, and pretend vacuum cleaners. Founder Debbie Sterling, a Stanford engineer, has made it her mission to “disrupt the pink aisle,” showing consumers that engineering is for girls as much as it is for boys. Interested in engineering? For teens, we offer Intro to Electrical Engineering with Arduino™.

The GoldieBlox ad will air this Sunday, February 2, during the most celebrated and most heavily televised football event of the year. Tune into Superbowl XLVIII to catch it.

Here’s the original GoldieBlox video that went viral, spurring the company’s recent Superbowl success:


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