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Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius: Los Angeles Summer Camps Protégé!

students collaborating on coding project

Exciting news! A former camper, Ian Cinnamon, who formerly attended our Los Angeles Summer Camps and San Francisco Bay Area Summer Camps has written his own book titled Game Programming for the Evil Genius.


I wrote a forward in the book, and we have also featured Ian in our 2008 Summer Computer Camp Catalog. Here is an excerpt from our catalog: “Ian has attended four summers at iD Tech Camps and is currently a high school sophomore. A 15-hear old phenom who got his start at iD Tech Camps, Ian has been programming for over 7 years and is certified in both Java™ and C++. Ian has recently written a book titled Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius (McGraw Hill). Ian provides strategies, code, and insider’s programming advice on how to build and test video games with ease.”

I want to congratulate Ian on his latest accomplishment. I know we helped Ian a little bit along the way by providing great teachers and hands-on instruction in our summer computer programming camps and summer video game design courses.

But Ian has shown that being an author of sophisticated tech topics knows no age boundaries. Way to go, Ian! We are proud of you!



  • Agneesh Banerjee


    How are you? Not sure if you check this, and not sure if you remember me. Either way I am really happy to see you guys are doing so well!! I try to send kids your way every chance I get. (I think my little cousins will be going this year) Congrats on the 2 kids, and tell Nat I said hello :-).


  • Pete


    OF COURSE I remember you! Great to hear from you and thanks for referrals. I completely remember your awesome instruction at our California Summer Camps at Stanford.

    Hope all is well, and thanks for dropping me a line!