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Preparing for Camp

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Summer is just around the bend and it’s time to start thinking about camp. What will you bring? How will you prepare? These are common questions from both first-time and seasoned campers. Let’s explore some of the answers below.

How to prepare:

I suggest starting to pack early, even a week in advance. This will allow you time to go out and buy anything you realize you still need before you have to leave. Please make sure your registration is in order and that your camp account is paid and up-to-date. You may want to bring with you the confirmation of your registration and your map/driving directions.

What to bring:

If you’re an Overnight Camper, please refer to the iD Tech Camps’ checklist. But in general, just bring your daily essentials. We advise you not to bring anything you wouldn’t want to lose. Medications and other essentials should be clearly marked and all health conditions should be reviewed at check-in. For the benefit of your child, please make sure to disclose all medical issues with the registration materials. This way the Director and staff are informed in advanced and can make your child’s experience that more enjoyable.

And remember…

We’re here to help! Should you have ANY questions prior to, during, or after camp, our Client Services Representatives are available to assist you by phone or email. While at camp, your child is encouraged to bring any questions or concerns to the camp staff since all staff are extensively trained and ready to help.

However, the most important thing to bring to camp is your eagerness to learn and have a fun week. You’ll find that attending iD Tech Camps will be one of the most exciting and long lasting things you’ll do this summer. And you’ll make many friends who share similar interests. Now you can even stay in contact by visiting The iD Basement – Enjoy it!

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