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POW! Summer 2013!

instructor helping student at computer tech camp

I want to say that the summer just began, but that’s hardly true – in fact, we’re almost halfway through! I can’t believe it!

Pete (as in the main Pete, not me), used to have a Photo of the Week Contest in our staff intranet. Somewhere along the line, I took over with (to)p’s Photo of the Week Contest (POW), which is slightly less challenging, but still ridiculously fun. Here are three photos that won in the previous three weeks of the contest.

POW I: How do you Prep for Camp

Winner: Carmen Sandiego from Emory University

Looking awesome! Almost all of my camp days start with a cape. The only thing missing is a bucket of coffee.

POW 2: Take a Picture of Someone Giving a Yessssssss!

Winner: Kaos (also) from Emory University

Yesssssss! This camper is STOKED! You can tell how happy he is to finally be at iD Tech!

POW 3: Take a Photo of at least 5 Campers Raising a Leg in the Air

Winner: Taz from Trinity University

I ask for 5, they give me 40! I guess I should start upping the ante a bit!