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Post April Fools' Roundup: Twitter Wins Best Prank with "Twitter Helmet"

Yesterday, the tech world exploded with quirky, April Fools' induced creativity as industry leaders showcased a slew of humorous "new" ads and products.

First, there was Google's job search for a Pokemon Master, supplemented by their Pokemon Challenge for Google Maps. Next, Samsung, Toshiba and HTC all accidentally unleashed the same prank, advertising new "smartgloves," complete with cameras, speakers, internet, and more. Finally, Twitter revealed the pseudo-product that made us laugh the loudest...

*drumroll please*


The Twitter tricksters' "custom aviary interface" allegedly allows users to send tweets via "a simple pecking motion of the head." What's more, the company hinted at plans to add "a hand-tooled leather case inspired by falconry hoods, feather-shaped Wi-Fi and cellular signal boosters, and a carbon fiber chinstrap with optional wattle-form factor microphone." We knew tech wearables were the next big thing, but wow. We'd love to test one of these babies out. (Perferably in a padded room, since there don't appear to be eye holes...)


[caption id="attachment_75335" align="alignnone" width="614"]twitter_helmet_concept_art_roughs All images from[/caption]


Come across any other awesome April Fools' Day pranks? Share them in the comments.