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Hello all, and greetings from Tech Rocket!  Last month at Tech Rocket we had a "Villain Symposium"!  We asked ‘365 members to come up with ideas for video game villains and then share those ideas on our forums.  Well, the ideas were so cool that we just couldn’t resist getting them all drawn up by an artist!  You can see the result below - be sure to read the descriptions underneath the image; these guys are creative!

1: From member Sabretooth: A massive cyplops, buried completely underground except for his single massive eye. When left alone, he will camoflauge with his surroundings, leaving only a faint blur. As soon as an adventurer awakens him by hitting him, he will suddenly open his eye wide and become fully visible and opaque. He will then reach his hand out of the earth directly underneath you and constrict you, lift his head higher so his terrifying mouth is revealed and wide open, then slowly pull you in. You will have no hope… Or so it may seem.

2: From member techguy100: I think a lava shooting, evil, powerful machine gun with orange poisonous teeth, scary shooting-fire head, and a time warping body would make the BEST GAME VILLAIN EVER!!!!!!!!

3: From member DCZ802: But on a more realistic note probably a mysterious figure with a Black cloak that can levitate,use elemental magic (i.e Terrain Morphing), and can a change forms.

4: From member DCZ802: A giant Taco that shoots hot sauce

5: From member ArmedPenguin: I think a good boss would be a combination of all the internet meme/rage comic faces (Me Gusta, etc.) with a head that rotates to the different faces where each would have a different ability.

6: From member fall: I think a molten lava man whith blocks inside him that can form into a body, or any weapon of his choice. would make a good villain

7: From member Alfe.taco: How about a guy in a black cloak and a magical staff tied to his back along with white pants and shirt and mask and his name is Moon Light. When you first encounter him he comes behind you and knocks you to trhe ground but you can not see him. Whenever you take away 1/4 of his health half his shirt goes black and says, "Tonight the darkness grows stronger!" Whenever his health is half gone, 1/4 of his pants go black and says, "FOOL! You are only making the darkness even stronger!" When his health is 3/4ths of the way gone he goes completely black and the sky or room goes back and Yells, "YAEWAY, SAVE ME!!!!" Once you defeate him he becomes all white.

8: From member le_Derperson: He is a evil dolphin conman named Henrich Trumpelstiltskin the Eighth. He has a handlebar mustache and a pixie dust bedazzled tuxedo. His weapon is a gun that shoots chihuahua tears. Oh, and he's pregnant.

9: From member lasagna99: I think a person with goggles and a machine gun as a arm would be a good villain.

This month, we are having a complimentary "Hero Symposium"!  Who knows, maybe we'll get those "iDeas" drawn up as well...

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