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Tech Rocket Members Re-Create Hogwarts from Harry Potter in Minecraft!

girl learning coding in front of computer

Greetings everyone! It’s Grizzle here with Tech Rocket news!

If you aren’t familiar, Tech Rocket is an online community where students can learn all about technology, just like at camp, from the comfort of their own homes, year-round.  And just like at camp, we make sure to balance learning with fun and creativity!

One of the most popular features of Tech Rocket is our Minecraft server, a private place for students to play Minecraft together. One of the most active members on the server, Nicklore, set out on an ambitious project to re-create Hogwarts from Harry Potter, and organized a small team to do just that!


Hats off to Nicklore and his team who did something BIG.

Literally every time I log on to the Tech Rocket Minecraft server I’m amazed at all the new creations I discover – I’ll post more soon!

Looks like fun? It is sure is! Sign up for Tech Rocket today so you can learn and play with us!