One for the Record Books!

iD Tech in action

(the other) Pete here to give my final report of the 2010 season before looking forward to 2011 and beyond!

First, it is my great honor to announce our new Nacho King for 2010, Matt from Columbia (one of the many camps in New York)! Matt took the crown from the 2009 champion, Greg, by earning 72 Nachos!

iD Columbia - Nacho Champion

Bryan was on the scene in uptown New York City to present Matt with his enormous Nacho trophy - yes, that's a whiteboard cut out in the shape of a Nacho. I hope that Matt's students appreciate it!

(apparently this seasons Nacho-earning was exciting - look at all of those exclamation points!!!)

iDX, the iD version of Color Wars was launched this summer and was a phenomenal success. One of the most exciting ways to earn points for each color was breaking a world record - and sure enough, almost 30 world records were broken across the country.

Here is a small sampling of the world records that iD camps achieved in 2010, courtesy of the Universal Record Database:

The Largest Game of Apples to Apples

Cool Note: All of these records had to be recorded and photographed. The campers going to camp for Digital Editing & Photography got to take some action shots of their peers performing these feats!

This popular card game was played by 26 campers are the University of Washington to set a world record.

Apples to Apples at the University of Washington

Unfortunately, the record was quickly broken... by iD Villanova with 63 players!

Apples to Apples at iD Villanova

The Most People Invisible Hula Hooping at Once

iD Villanova achieved the most world records in 2010, with 21 current unbroken records. Most of the records are noteworthy, such as the Largest Armpit Fart Orchestra or the Tallest Tower of Humans Wearing One Sock Each and Brushing Teeth while Listening to Thriller (strange that the Guinness Book doesn't include that one), but I am a huge fan of invisible hula hooping and those 27 campers look like their having a ton of fun with the non-existant toy!

Invisible Hula Hooping at Villanova

Largest Group Egg Toss

iD Denver broke an existing record on URDB trumping the current 50 participants with 60!

Egg Toss at iD Denver

iD Princeton decided to do 12 better and stole the record for this traditional activity with 72 players!

Egg Toss at iD Princeton

Most Knee Steps in 30 Seconds

A camper at iD Sacramento State (one of the many CA summer camps) managed to take 80 knee steps in 30 seconds! Unfortunately, her record was broken a couple weeks later. Hopefully she will return next year to retake the crown!

Most Knee Steps at iD Sacramento State

Largest Group of People Wrapping Arm Around Head to Touch Ear

iD Vassar attempted to beat this record, currently held by iD Villanova, but was disqualified because the photo wasn't clear enough... although it looks pretty clear to me!

Arm Around Head at Vassar

Those were some (a few, amazingly) of the many crazy world records set by iD Tech Camps in 2010! iDX will be back in 2011 with many more challenges and (hopefully) some new WORLD RECORDS to share! Stay tuned!

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