Ohio student launches crowdfunding campaign to attend iD Tech

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The word is out: millions of STEM jobs are going unfilled in the US alone each year. It’s no surprise then, that new tech programs are popping up daily, seeking to capitalize on the demand for talent in these fields.

Sure, you want your child to build and keep up valuable STEM skills.

But with so many cheaply-priced, local camp options, why on earth would you pay upwards of $800 for tech education? (Hint: There are many reasons!)

To gain some perspective, we chatted with Eric, an Ohio parent whose son, Aeson, was determined to go to iD Tech.
“iD Tech is on another level. I showed the website to our son Aeson and he’s been obsessed with the idea of attending. He loves video games, loves learning, and iD Tech seemed to be the perfect program for him.”
Like many parents, Eric saw the value in our 20+ years of experience, elite staff, innovative courses, and 150 prestigious university locations (including Xavier, Stanford, NYU, HKU, and Cambridge).
“We decided that dwelling on the price tag wasn't a good strategy and that we should take action. So, we started a crowdfunding campaign in an effort to raise money for Aeson to attend.”
While launching their GoFundMe campaign, Aeson came up with the idea of providing t-shirts and stickers to donors.
“I really wanted to give people something in return when they donated to my campaign, so my dad and I worked on a T-shirt design.”

The result? In only 36 hours, Aeson raised more than $1,200.
“I am so, so grateful! This has been completely unbelievable!” Aeson said when asked about reaching his goal.
Eric added “People have been so supportive. Long-time friends and family donated. Three people who don’t know Aeson chipped in. An anonymous donor gave $50. It’s an incredible feeling to know people want to help you.”

With the help of friends, family, and generous anonymous donors, Aeson will be taking at least one course in AI with Sphero at Xavier University.

We asked Eric what excites him most about their successful campaign.
“It’s unbelievable that Aeson gets to attend iD Tech and experience university life at such a young age. This is huge for him. We’d love for him to return in the coming years and keep networking.”

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