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NY film school? CA film camp? Wait, isn’t this a “tech” camp?

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I’m willing to bet that you’re utilizing some piece of technology to read this blog post.  Ok, that was an easy one, but I also say that if you look left or right, you’ll most likely see something else tech-related.  From desktops and laptops, to tablets, smartphones, and TVs…the list goes on.

Getting to the point, technology is all around us.  And as if the benefit of offering “tech” courses that directly correlate with booming, well-paying STEM jobs wasn’t cool enough, an abundance of technology allows us to expand our course list to include a variety of different options in interest areas that might not be immediately related to technology.  Take movies for example.  Sure you have your Avatar-type flicks and other big budget blockbuster films that instantly take your mind to technology as you stare in awe of special effects, amazing animations, and more.  But really, even the most basic film couldn’t have been produced without technology.

Now that Oscar nominations have been announced, this is the perfect time to reiterate the fact that technology is more than a computer, allowing us to be more than a “tech” camp.  Technology is about our NY film school, and our CA film camp classes.  It’s about Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, filming techniques, and high-end video cameras…really, it could be about anything you want it to be, as you’d be hard-pressed to find a hobby that couldn’t be enhanced with technology.

Basically, technology is becoming less about watching movies or playing video games, and is increasingly evolving to describe a collection of tools or skill set one can acquire to work better/smarter, and to take their interests to the next level.

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