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Just in for fall, our new AR/VR Design Certificate in Unity with NYU Tandon School of Engineering is the perfect launchpad into the world of game developers, UX designers, and other fast-growing careers in augmented and virtual reality! 

This course is complete with curriculum designed and delivered by NYU Tandon's renowned faculty and industry experts, plus all the magic of iD Tech. It is the ideal opportunity for teens to collaborate with like-minded peers, build standout skills with Unity, and earn an official certificate to boost their resume.

Unity, the industry-standard software for game development, holds the keys to unlocking future STEM internships, college majors, and careers. Like putting on a virtual reality headset, once teens approach video games with a designer’s eye, a new world opens in the gaming industry and beyond! 

In this course, students will develop the skills necessary to take their tech prowess to new heights and receive world-class mentorship along the way. Expertly curated for pre-collegiate students keen to learn the fundamentals of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), this course is the ultimate addition to any growing STEM repertoire.

Sessions begin November 21st, so let’s take a deep dive into this exciting course! 

World-class learning. Right on the cutting-edge of tech!

This one-of-a-kind learning experience brings game design 3D. In this unique course just for teens, students have the opportunity to create their very own VR or AR experience and earn an official certificate in recognition of their highly sought-after skills.  

That means making teens’ innovative ideas a (virtual) reality, one of many benefits of exploring this growing field! The VR and AR industry is estimated to be worth $20.9 billion by 2025, so now is a great time to get involved in a rapidly growing space. 

Culminating in a final project students can see and interact with, this course is designed to spark a love of STEM while encouraging their creativity and drive to envision what’s possible. 

Starting with wireframes and design programs like Figma, teens will learn how to refine their ideas and think like an app or game developer. And as they progress through the various stages of the design process, students will boost their skills to include more tools and hardware, working their way up to sophisticated Unity software. 

And this course goes above and beyond just technical skills.

Over the course of ten weeks, students will not only learn how to use Unity among other tech tools, but also how they can combine technical knowledge with the critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity skills needed to bring their ideas into the world. As they hone their skills and engage with like-minded peers, teens will step into the tech startup mindset with the support of peers and caring mentors.

This course is a perfect fit for: 

  • College-bound STEM enthusiasts planning to study user experience or design in preparation for exciting future careers
  • Students aspiring to intern or work in fields such as graphic design, AR, and VR
  • Creatives who want to build a specialized tech skillset
  • Students looking to boost their portfolios and college applications with official certification from NYU Tandon School of Engineering

A roadmap to VR  innovation and beyond

So, what will students do in this new, cutting-edge course? Here’s a quick guide to the STEM adventure. 

Weeks 1-5: Fundamentals of UX and Prototype Designs
Students will learn the fundamentals of UI and UX and create wireframes for their personal projects using websites like Figma, Miro, and Marvel POP. To accomplish these goals, teens will: 

  • Research user experiences and gain feedback from their classmates and instructors on how to improve their work and best design for their intended audiences.
  • Start to learn about the ins and outs of VR and AR experiences and discuss ways in which they can be included in tech experiences.
  • Prototype interfaces to add sound and interactivity using Adobe XD and Audacity.

Weeks 6-10: VR and AR Project Development in Unity
Students will design concepts for VR and AR experiences and learn the fundamentals of Unity to start creating a prototype.

  • Develop an AR or VR experience using Unity as their final project for this semester.
  • Test Unity projects with classmates and implement feedback to enhance and polish projects.
  • Pitch the designed experience to their instructor and peers.

If you ask us, the real question is: what STEM adventures await students ready with these 21st century skills?  

The startup mindset meets a pre-collegiate virtual environment 

World-renowned faculty and industry experts are headed to home screens this fall. Alongside iD Certified Tech Rockstar mentors, students will receive weekly live instruction in a project-based environment not unlike a tech startup.

Among other unique benefits of this course, teens will connect in small-group cohorts for one 90-minute session per week for ten weeks. With encouragement from experts, teens will be inspired to iterate innovative ideas as they step into the shoes of UX and UI designers. 

Upon successful completion of this program, NYU Tandon School of Engineering grants a certificate of completion to participants who demonstrate concept mastery of 75%+ of the coursework. 

Now that’s one impressive resume builder, not to mention a great stepping stone and confidence boost! Plus, students will engage with peers who have similar goals and have fun as a group as they get to know one another. 

After all, learning is about so much more than just acquiring new skills, right? Teens will have the opportunities to create, brainstorm, and collaborate on projects. Students will also have the option to attend weekly virtual office hours and social hours to build their knowledge and connections with their classmates. 

Today’s tech skills: tomorrow’s top careers (and more!) 

It’s an exciting time in tech: by 2025, 3.5 million STEM jobs will need to be filled by qualified, skilled workers.

But it’s estimated that 2 million of those jobs will go unfilled. Let’s do the math: it’s time to inspire the next generation of talent! 

"The need is enormous right now—there is a massive skills gap between the needs that major tech companies have, and what we are teaching our kids every day. Gaining deep exposure to STEM topics on a regular basis at an early age is absolutely vital to the future of our kids, and to the future of our country,” said Pete Ingram-Cauchi, CEO of iD Tech and father of three iD Tech campers. 

This fall, we’re thrilled to team up with NYU Tandon to help teens envision what’s possible while building skills that will open doors to in-demand careers and a lifelong learning journey. 

Explore our Teen Certificate in Unity with NYU Tandon School of Engineering and launch that journey today! 

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Virginia started with iD Tech at the University of Denver in 2015 and has loved every minute since then! A former teacher by trade, she has a master's in education and loves working to embolden the next generation through STEM. Outside the office, you can usually find her reading a good book, struggling on a yoga mat, or exploring the Rocky Mountains. 

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