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New iD Tech Camps Locations Announced in 14 States!


For summer 2015, we’re bringing our flagship iD Tech Camps (co-ed, ages 7-17)  programs closer to you! We have just announced new university locations in 14 states and counting! Check below to see what’s near you. (Note: Additional locations may continue to trickle in throughout November. Keep an eye out!)

New 2015 iD Tech Camps Locations


Cal State East Bay


Loyola Marymount University

The University of San Diego


Western Connecticut State University


The University of Delaware


 The University of North Florida


Benedictine University

Loyola University


The University of Louisville


The University of Maryland


 The University of Massachusetts Lowell


The University of Missouri – Kansas City

New Jersey

Kean University

New York

 NYIT Central Islip

Queens College


West Chester University


The University of Texas at Dallas


The University of Utah


Don’t see anything new near you? Don’t worry! iD Tech Camps programs are offered at over 100 other top universities nationwide. Click here to view the full lineup of iD Tech locations. Additional co-ed summer options include iD Programming Academy and iD Game Design & Development Academy for teens ages 13-18, as well as our brand new iD Tech Mini for ages 6-9! We also offer Alexa Café, a chic all-girls program for ages 10-15. If you need help choosing a program, location, or course, please give us a call at 1-888-709-8324! We’re happy to help.

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We've bet our reputation on recruiting the top instructors in the country. Our 8:1 student-to-instructor average ensures customized learning with the smallest class sizes, leading to "a-ha moments" and awesome outcomes.

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