Introducing *NEW* Back-to-School Online Classes for Kids in 2021

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This back-to-school season, it's time to get excited about learning again! There’s no doubt about it: kids and families deserve some extra support to make that happen. 

To help families make this school year awesome, iD Tech is excited to launch a brand new suite of virtual classes for kids and teens! Especially after the challenges of the 2020-2021 school year, it's more vital than ever that kids are encouraged to dream big, love learning, and explore.

COVID-19 impacted 95% of the world’s students, the most significant disruption to learning in history. And while safety measures like remote learning and other precautions were absolutely necessary, evidence suggests that they came with a hefty price tag for kids.

According to one US study, students learned only 67% of what they typically learn in math and 87% of what’s typically learned in reading during the 2020-2021 school year. The pandemic exacerbated achievement and opportunity inequalities among racial and socioeconomic groups and contributed to a spike in mental health issues for kids and teens worldwide.

So where does that leave us in 2021-2022? If you ask us, it’s time to meet the moment with enthusiasm, fun, and the expertise and care kids deserve. 

Our Tech Rockstars are Ready to Help!

As any parent knows, kids’ learning and personal growth is about so much more than homework and report cards. It’s been a tough year on extracurricular enrichment activities, connecting with mentors, and the many other elements that support young people’s general wellbeing and development. 

That’s where we come in—with a fresh approach to academic help and after school enrichment.  

Whether your child is looking for a personalized online coding class, an outlet for a fun hobby, or an expert to help them thrive in school, these cutting-edge courses are LIVE and ready to level up back-to-school season.  

HTML for Web Design

Ages: 10-19
Learning Focus: Coding, Creativity
Full Course DescriptionHTML for Web Design

Think about the past five websites you visited: odds are, the building blocks holding it together are written in HTML. 

If your child has ever dreamed of creating their own website for a cause they’re passionate about, to launch a business, or to showcase their talents, strong HTML skills are a must.

By exploring HTML basics (and beyond!), kids can unlock the wide world of web development, something that easily combines STEM concepts with their other interests. 

Start building a website

Digital Music and Beats

Ages: 10-19
Learning Focus: Creativity
Full Course DescriptionDigital Music Production for Kids

Headphones on, creativity on! If your child dreams of stepping into a recording studio one day, is passionate about music, or just loves interdisciplinary learning, Digital Music and Beats will doubtlessly strike a chord!

Using industry-standard software, kids will mix beats and sounds as they learn about musical theory and song development. Why not head back to school with a song in their heart? 

Get mixing

Comics, Cartoons, and Concept Art

Ages: 10-19
Learning Focus: Creativity
Full Course Description: Concept Art Course Lessons

Calling all doodlers! If your child feels like their artistic space is limited to the margins of their notebooks, it’s time to switch things up. 

Thriving as an artist takes so much more than an elective class that just meets once a week. Online art classes ensure that kids’ creativity is a priority! Frequent feedback, inspiration, and encouragement have benefits, and are all key to nurturing young cartoonists, painters, sculptures, and multimedia artists! 

With the personalized support of a caring mentor, kids can let their creativity really shine, find their unique style, and develop skills across mediums. 

Start a masterpiece.  

Godot 2D Game Design

Ages: 10-19
Learning Focus: Creativity, Game Dev
Full Course Description: Godot 2D Game Design

Think of Godot as a free sandbox of sorts, but for game designers! (What is a game designer, you might ask?)

These creative minds build interactive experiences that players love, and they work with some seriously cool technology. Godot takes this process to a whole new level as users can not only create games; they can customize the tools they use to bring their ideas to life. 

First-time game designers will love Godot’s free, user-friendly platform, and experienced game designers will love customizing their creative process like never before.

Game on!

Hacking with JavaScript

Ages: 10-19
Learning Focus: Coding
Full Course Description: Hacking with JavaScript

Hacking: breaking things, finding new and more efficient solutions. In other words, an intriguing spin on coding for kids that doubles as a puzzle young minds will love.  

Kids will experiment with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML as they develop and edit websites. Plus, thinking in a hacker’s mindset will open doors and unlock the skills they’ll need for exciting hackathons and other adventures in STEM!

Yep, there’s a hack for that!

Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator

Ages: 10-19
Learning Focus: Creative
Full Course Description: Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator

Watch STEM become STEAM with the stroke of a pen—quite literally speaking!

The world of graphic design is all around us, and it provides amazing opportunities for artists to scale, showcase, and share their work with wider and wider audiences. 

Using Adobe Illustrator, young graphic designers will learn how to make scalable vector art while mastering the industry-standard software. With the encouragement and guidance of an experienced artist, they’ll be able to develop their personal style and build their portfolio of amazing digital creations!

Take art into the 21st century.

Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Ages: 10-19
Learning Focus: Game Dev
Full Course Description: Adobe Premiere and After Effects

From what’s trending on TikTok to hit YouTube streamers, and mind-blowing cinematography on the big screen, cameras and their behind-the-scenes software capture and captivate 21st century life from all angles.

So, why not step into the director’s chair?

Using Adobe Premiere, the industry standard for filmmakers and legendary YouTubers alike, kids can create, enhance, and share their video projects. Then, for finishing touches and special effects, they can explore even further with Adobe After Effects.

Lights, camera, action!

Intro to Game Design with GDevelop

Ages: 10-19
Learning Focus: Coding, Game Dev
Full Course Description: Intro to Game Design with GDevelop

Trying to decide whether to learn game design or coding skills first? You don’t have to! 

GDevelop introduces both concepts simultaneously in a way that’s approachable to newbies and fun for kids with some experience in these fields. Kids will be introduced to event logic, a precursor to coding that will help them build a programmer’s mindset, as they build and publish their very own games.

Don’t just play games, make them.

Learning English through Tech

Ages: 7-19
Learning Focus: Game Dev, Coding, Robotics, Creative, Math
Full Course Description: Learning English through Tech

When learning a new language, you need a few essential ingredients no matter what: a fluent mentor, personalized and interactive sessions, and - above all- a powerful motivation to keep learning!

And when our Tech Rockstar instructors combine their English fluency, world-class teaching skills, and passion for STEM—kids have everything they need to build their language skills! Their choice of coding, robotics, or another STEM topic that piques their interest will enrich this learning experience and provide valuable context for their new knowledge.

Now you’re speaking my language!

Photography & Editing with Photoshop

Ages: 10-19
Learning Focus: Creative
Full Course Description: Photography & Editing with Photoshop

If a software becomes its own verb, its quality, cultural significance, and purpose are clear! Enter “Photoshop.” 

Whether creating a photography portfolio, crafting amazing game or character art, or just experimenting with a new medium, Photoshop is a versatile skill in any artist’s repertoire. 

Bring creativity into focus.

Esports Coaching with League of Legends

Ages: 13-19
Learning Focus: Game Dev
Full Course Description: Esports Coaching

Should video games be considered sports? Yes, absolutely. Not only has the professional esports industry exploded in recent years, the benefits of esports for kids are remarkably similar to traditional sports. 

Practice, strategy, teamwork, and more practice are what separates playing for the sake of it and playing to win: online or on the field. Kids will develop each of these skills as they grow as esports players!

League of Legends, a game that drew larger crowds to its world championship than the NBA finals, is at the heart of this exciting industry. 

Level up game time. 

Chess Strategy and Gameplay

Ages: 7-19
Learning Focus: Math, Game Dev
Full Course Description: Chess Strategy and Gameplay

Looking for the ultimate strategic challenge for your child? Check. How about a competitive game that builds logic, math, and analytical skills? Check mate. 

In this course, kids will learn through play and explore this centuries old game with the guidance of a chess enthusiast. From opening moves that have toppled champions to fundamental chess mechanics and legendary games, kids will level up their game fast.

Get startedChess coaching & lessons

Math Tutoring and Homework Help

Ages: 7-19
Learning Focus: Math
All Courses: All Math Tutoring Topics

The start of the school year is a prime opportunity to put fun, confidence, and a positive outlook back into the math equation. Now, figuring out how to make math fun can be a major challenge if your child is confused about the basics. 

Not to worry: let the experts take it from here!

We’re excited to expand our offerings within the “M” in STEM to span elementary, middle, and high school math topics, plus general math homework help.

Turn math problems into academic solutions.

Learning should be fun 365 days a year

Here at iD Tech, we believe that learning should always be fun and meaningful for kids. Now is the time to bring those elements front and center for the school year!

We’re as excited as kids are for an awesome 2021-2022 and as determined as parents to make sure it’s one of learning for the joy of it balanced with building valuable skills. 

Help your child kick off the year on the right foot with this back-to-school checklist and these back-to-school tips to make this your child’s best yet!

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Virginia started with iD Tech at the University of Denver in 2015 and has loved every minute since then! A former teacher by trade, she has a master's in education and loves working to embolden the next generation through STEM. Outside the office, you can usually find her reading a good book, struggling on a yoga mat, or exploring the Rocky Mountains. 

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