NeverCoded: Transforming your child’s passion into a tech career

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Your child has a passion, right? Actually, it's not a question. Your child has a passion.

We just went through this exercise in our recent post on how parents should approach the mindset when thinking "my child doesn't have a passion." 

Anything your child spends their time on and shows fervor for can be considered a passion. That includes video games, YouTube, etc.—traditional “time wasters” or activities thought of to have zero value all have redeeming qualities given their foundation in tech. 

Today, though, we are looking at the other side of the coin: 

You have a kid who has passions and interests in things like soccer, volleyball, dance, travel, or music, but not so much in tech. 

So, even with the understanding that tech interests can turn into lucrative tech careers, nudging your child in that direction is tough. 

Here is my advice—start by answering these questions:

What is your child passionate about? And, what does tech have to do with it?

Like most parents, answering that first question is probably really easy! But the second part? It’s tough; perhaps impossible. 

One thing about being a parent is the mindset that we need to have all of the answers; that we are in the know. It’s why we try and pretend we are knowledgeable about things like TikTok, but in the end, we really have no idea. 

So, we need to relinquish the reins. While we may have no clue how something like soccer can relate to tech, there are professional STEM educators who can connect the dots.

Re-introducing our Online Private Lessons

In case you don’t already know, in addition to after-school tech courses and summer camps, we offer the opportunity for students to jump into tech right now, or at any time of the year, through online private tutoring lessons

These are one-on-one, remote “courses” where kids can dive into coding, game dev, design, and more, all from the comfort of home. 

From the above, you can gather that the benefits of such offerings include convenience, and the ability for kids and teens to hit the ground running whenever tech inspiration strikes. 

But perhaps the biggest piece, and as it pertains to this post, is that these are one-on-one lessons, with live instruction with real professionals. 

When looking at face-to-face vs. online learning, one of the more glaring disadvantages of traditional, self-led online learning is the lack of personalization. 

But when you actually have someone living and breathing on the other end of that online experience, that’s when learning gets to be fun. Now there is the opportunity to combine a passion for soccer or an interest in Jiu-Jitsu with tech—which is impossible without someone who can take in such info, and then use their expertise to present a customized learning plan. 

Specifically, our iD Certified instructors take your child’s interests and show them how to thrive in a world that is being drastically reshaped by technology. The approach is completely unique and tailored to your child. 

Now, if they’ve never coded, never designed, or never created an app, it doesn’t matter. Each lesson unlocks brilliance by connecting existing passions to tech—no matter what they are and how unrelated to tech they may seem. 

Here are a couple of examples. 

Marco, 13, the emerging Data Scientist 


  • 9 years playing soccer
  • Loves Messi, Ronaldo... and video games
  • Took drum lessons for several years (doesn’t drum much anymore)

After 7 lessons:

  • Developing an interest in Data Science as it relates to Soccer (sports statistics, eSports management) and coding in Python with an understanding of loops, classes, variables, functions, and writing to files
  • Next up: Getting better at soccer and coding, aspiring to become a pro at both

Maya, 12, the next great Game Developer


  • 5 years perfecting her Jiu-Jitsu
  • Idolizes Michelle Nicolini, BJJ legend
  • Also loves acting, social media, cooking

After 11 lessons:

  • Understanding of Unreal Engine 4 and making games in a 3D environment
  • Currently working with instructor to create a 3D martial arts game
  • Next up: Learning Autodesk Maya to create custom characters for her game

In the end, we don’t “force” curriculum; we tailor it to your child and their interests. And, they’re learning from iD Certified instructors who have proven teaching experience at iD Tech, supervisor recommendations, and the highest reviews from previous parents and students.

Our online team is truly different:

  • All USA-Based employees, NOT Contractors
  • 100% background checked
  • 100% vetted as iD Tech camp instructors prior to being approved for online positions
  • Tech and education enthusiasts, passionate about getting students to build a deep understanding and love of technology

The service is truly personal:

  • Thorough post-lesson follow-up delivered to your email inbox (so you know precisely what your child learned after each session and what’s next)
  • We’re intentional. Once we know what your child’s interests are, we build custom curriculum and lesson plans with a specific project in mind, to further their current passion and nurture a love of tech.
  • All sessions are recorded by our QA team for quality and safety purposes.
  • If you have questions, or need help in any way, we have a full-service team to help. We’re passionate about getting it right.

Try your first Online Private Lesson today

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