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iD Tech Camps has this incredible incentive program for the Staff called Nachos (I find them particularly incredible because my friend Bryan and I invented them!)

These cool little badges are given for going above and beyond during activity time, completing difficult objectives and making camp a better place. I had the pleasure of introducing the Nacho program at two of the three trainings that were held in 2010.

The Lake Forest and Villanova trainings were amazing!

The Second Easiest Nacho in the Book

Between the two of them, hundreds of training-only Nachos were distributed. Some, like "The Second Easiest Nacho in the Book," is pretty simple. The Staff member simply needs to attend the Camp Culture seminar - a required event!

The Drill SergeantThe Night Owl Nacho

Others can be a little more difficult. "The Drill Sergeant" requires a Staff member to recite a chant during lunch on tape and "The Night Owl" is given to anyone that participates in the voluntary evening activity session (we had about 150 participants altogether!) Only about 8 or so Staff from both locations managed to earn and claim *all* of the training Nachos, earning them the prestigious "Train the Trainer" award. We did have an excellent time and I wish I could have stayed longer to play more games (but, of course, the dark got the better of me!)

The Nacho program is in full swing at camps across the country. We've been giving out about 20 - 30 Nachos a day - and that number is only going to get higher as more camps start the season. This means that the user profiles of many of the iD Tech Staff members are filling up with neat little award icons, the more the better!

We just finished up a contest to create two brand new Nachos for this summer. The winners were:

The Mascot Nacho

"The Mascot" (submitted by Medium Rare) - Create a local Camp Mascot and make a movie with the mascot including at least five excited campers, then post it to the forums.

The Battlefield Nacho

"The Battlefield" (also submitted by Medium Rare!) - Organize a cross-camp gaming night with another camp on the nVidia Servers! Post the end-of-game scoreboard at both camps and on the Forums. Both of these additions encourage camps to go above and beyond in their programming, whether as a fun goofy afternoon activity or a collaborative nighttime event.

Medium Rare (surprisingly, that's not his real name) gets "The Bender Bending Rodriguez" Platinum nacho for winning the contest; a major addition to his profile.

The King Hippo Nacho

We hope that multiple staff members can meet the challenge this summer and earn "The King Hippo" Platinum nacho for getting more than 62 nachos, which happened to be the record last year. I'm pretty sure we can make it, because iD is not just a summer camp for teens and pre-teens that teaches video game courses or film-making; It's a camp that teaches about the power of collaboration, positive social skills and the benefits of going above and beyond to do something big!

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