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Minecraft Camp: Programming, Game Design & Development, Level Design, Modding, and More


Over the past few years, the Minecraft phenomenon has extended into the academic realm, resulting in overjoyed students, and many befuddled parents. What’s so great about Minecraft anyway? Why do kids love it so much? Is it a legitimate learning tool?

As one of the first nationally renowned youth summer tech programs to offer courses in Minecraft, we fully endorse the game as a learning device. At our Minecraft camps for kids and teens, students learn Programming, Game Design & Development, Level Design, Modding, and more. In Sweden, Minecraft is being taught as a compulsory subject in school. When it comes to educational value, Minecraft is the real deal.

An iD Tech Camps student dons his Minecraft “Creeper” shirt.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Minecraft is an indie “sandbox game,” meaning players can essentially build and create anything they want using blocks in a virtual 3D world. Explore. Start a farm. Build a mansion or castle. Construct a sports area or develop an entire metropolis. The possibilities are literally endless. That’s why students love it!

At iD Tech, Minecraft sparks students’ creativity while engaging them in STEM education. View our Minecraft courses and register!