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Maverick’s Surf Competition Inspires Hybrid Summer Surf Camps and Tech Camps in California

instructor helping student at computer tech camp

For anyone following the Maverick’s surf competition, this is a cool press release. We don’t just teach kids technology. We teach them some surprising other skills too. Read on! I want to thank Alisa for her contribution on this release! Good stuff, Alisa.

For Immediate Release

California Youth Technology Camp Combines Ocean Surfing with Computer Education

CAMPBELL, CA — December 14, 2007 — Where else but in sunny California would you find a youth summer camp that offers kids an innovative camp concept where campers learn to surf in the big blue Pacific, as well as create their own video games and websites? The California coast is known for the innovative, risk taking culture of Silicon Valley, but it is also home to surfing and many small enclaves dominated by the surf culture. So it is no real surprise that near one of these coastal towns, Santa Cruz, the nation’s largest technology summer camp was the first to offer a hybrid summer surf camp and computer camp.

iD Tech Camps has expanded the hybrid option with surf camps in California. Students ages 11 to 17 are able to exercise their minds as well as their bodies for a week of mental and physical challenge. They leave camp with surf skills along with skills in video game design or web design.

“Blending waves and technology is kind of a natural here in California. Surfers and gamers are social types, independent spirits, creative thinkers with strong competitive drives”, commented Pete Ingram-Cauchi, president and CEO of iD Tech Camps, one of the nation’s larger summer camp operators.

Technology is a growing component of the surfing community. Up the Northern California coast, the prestigious international Mavericks Surf Contest® recently announced this year’s contest window from December 7, 2007 through March 31, 2008. This event brings in 40,000 spectators and has gotten so big that it is broadcast live over the Internet. Will the surfers one day be testing their skills against the infamous giants out at Mavericks? “I hope our kids stick to surfing normal waves—or the Internet”, concluded Ingram-Cauchi.

About iD Tech Camps
iD Tech camps is the leading provider of summer youth technology camps with 50 locations nationwide. They provide weeklong, day and overnight summer computer camps for beginner to advanced students ages 7 to 17. As a family-owned company, their mission is to nurture children through creative learning, offering programs including video game creation camps, website design camps, digital movie camps, robotics camps and programming camps. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-709-TECH (8324).

About The Mavericks Surf Contest®
Every winter season, Mother Nature offers up supremely harsh conditions and the giant, unpredictable waves that characterize Mavericks and the annual Mavericks Surf Contest®. Frigid waters, dangerous currents, jagged rocks and the ever-present threat of the great white shark. Mix these with perfect weather conditions, and 24 legendary surfers will get the contest call from legendary big-wave surf pioneer and contest director, Jeff Clark. When they do, they will have only 24 hours to arrive in Half Moon Bay to face the extreme conditions, thunderous waves and each other. Coined as “the wave beyond,” the Mavericks™ brand inspires hardcore athletes to face the unpredictably raw power of Mother Nature, and stirs the souls of those who aspire to challenge their own limits. Mavericks remains true to its core: a cold, mysterious and foreboding place that demands respect from everyone who goes there and inspires them to attempt the extraordinary. For more information, including photos, surf conditions and contest highlights, visit Mavericks Surf Ventures online at