4 math resources for parents helping with their kids’ homework

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Dizzied by long division? Stumped by solving for x? You’re not alone. As much as many parents would love to help their kids’ homework, it means dusting off skills that are…a bit dusty, to say the least. 

Sure, we grown-ups can discreetly pull out our smartphones, but that doesn’t help kids show their work or really understand the math skills behind the numbers. After all, just giving kids the answer won’t help them succeed in the long term. 

That’s where we - and specifically this blog post - come in! 

No one wants to fully re-live pre-algebra (even if there were miraculously enough hours in a day to do it), so a quicker fix is needed to support kids during homework time. 

Resources to helping kids with math homework

Parents need resources that combine efficiency with informative, high-quality math expertise. Here are four resources that balance that equation and take the pop-quiz like pressure off of lending a hand to young mathematicians!

1. Try an online math tutorial 

Video tutorials are great (more on that shortly here), but if you’re looking for something that progresses at your pace, it’s much easier to pause while reading than constantly hit the pause button! 

In these useful "Math with Margo" tutorials, she shows students (and their parents) how to tackle commonly assigned problems and core concepts. Check out this list for the topic your learner is stuck on:

Follow along step-by-step, and you’ll soon be brushed up on this week’s homework challenge.

2. Subscribe to math YouTube channels

If you could use a visual reminder of how to graph inequalities, a video demo might be your best first stop. There is a bit of a caveat here: not all YouTube videos are to be trusted, and you want to make sure your time was well spent. 

The best educational YouTube channels are produced by experts in addition to boasting plenty of likes and subscribers. Don’t worry, we’ve done the vetting for you. 

Helping out your middle or high school student? Try Eddie Woo’s math channel or Mathantics: each of these offers help on a wide range of math topics, a talented teacher, and an explained example of the subject at hand. You can watch alongside your learner or on your own (to offer proof that you do indeed know everything, of course). 

For elementary math, try one of these YouTube channels that will help kids with math: Homeschool Pop or KidsEduc

3. Explore math tutoring

Online tutoring for kids eliminates the logistics and headaches of squeezing a visit to a tutoring center into an already packed schedule. Bringing the tutor to you, and you’ve got the ultimate resource for math homework help.

With the help of a tutor, watch as math problems become academic solutions. See if there’s a solution at your fingertips below:

With a little homework help from you, plus some guidance from a caring mentor, the limit does not exist in terms of what your child can achieve!

4. Check out a helpful math website

There are plenty of high-quality math help websites out there! Boasting free practice games, step-by-step tutorials, and more, it’s great to have a few of these in your back pocket. That way, the information your child is looking for can be just a few clicks away. 

The trick is to encourage kids to explore these websites with you or independently; that way, they will still get what they’re looking for without simply being handed the answer. These websites are just a starting point, but they’re some of the best math help websites for getting started with homework or extra practice before a quiz.

Elementary and middle school math websites 

High school math websites

Best math websites for all ages

5. Review math resources

Let’s face it: sometimes math homework can feel like pulling teeth. If you could use a hand shaking up the routine and encourage your child to actually enjoy sharpening their math skills, the iD Tech Math Resources page has exactly what you need. 

As a preview (and to help save time), here are some of the helpful tips and topics you’ll find in this treasure trove of math resources. 

With these resources in hand, you’re ready to fly to your student’s rescue! Math homework help, here you come. 

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Virginia started with iD Tech at the University of Denver in 2015 and has loved every minute since then! A former teacher by trade, she has a master's in education and loves working to embolden the next generation through STEM. Outside the office, you can usually find her reading a good book, struggling on a yoga mat, or exploring the Rocky Mountains. 

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