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As a company, iD Tech Camps is fortunate enough to have a TON of talented employees and staff. In fact, without our Lead Designer Marta, our catalogs, website, and much more wouldn't be nearly as professional and fun as they are today!

Marta turned her dream of becoming a graphic artist into a reality--and since she loved working for iD Tech Camps so much, she decided to go from summer camp employee to full-time employee at our headquarters in Campbell, CA.

I sat down with Marta and she had some great experiences and advice to bring to the table. Read on to see how Marta has gone on to Do Something Big! Here's an excerpt from my interview with Marta:

iD: Which iD locations did you teach at?

Marta: I've worked as a Lead Instructor, Assistant Director and Director at the Stanford location, and I recently directed at one of our iD Film Academy locations.

iD: When you instructed, what courses did you teach?

M: Web Design & Flash® Animation and the Junior Courses (Adventures in Game Design and Create Your Own Adventure).

iD: What is your current position?

M: I'm the Lead Designer at iD Tech Camps. Every day I get to turn on my computer, open up design programs like Photoshop or grab a pencil and paper to sketch and get paid to be creative. It's pretty awesome!

iD: What are your favorite things about our summer camps?

M: The friendships and bonds that you form with your summer co-workers. You become so close through working and spending time with them during your off hours that they become lifelong friends.

iD: What do you do for fun when you aren't at our computer camp?

M: I like to play sports, especially basketball and running, and enjoy traveling, reading, fishing, talking with people who have a different perspective on things and learning from them, and spending time with my family in MN.

iD: Why do you like iD?

M: Within the company, there is an enormous amount of hard work, dedication and willingness to have fun that starts all the way from the top (the CEO, CFO and the managers) and flows through to the rest of the summer staff. Because of this, the atmosphere at each location is bursting with kids that are having so much fun, creating projects that they love and getting the chance to be themselves. I've seen so many kids go through camp and start the week off apprehensive about so many things, and then find them at the end of the week with life-long friends, higher self esteem, and a vast amount of new knowledge. In fact I still have some of the thank you notes that I've received from campers in the past, and each time I read them it really hits home at what an amazing experience iD and its people provide for their clients.

I'm also really happy that iD Tech Camps will now be offering a Graphic Arts camp in 2009! This is exactly the kind of exposure kids and teens need if they're interested in the graphic arts and graphic design field.

iD: How has iD inspired you to "Do Something Big"?

M: The company, without a doubt, believes in their employees and stands behind them. Even during my first year as a summer staff, I always knew I had a support system coming from my Director, Regional Manager and the people working at the main office, whether I had met them or not, which is something that you don't see in every company you work for these days. Fast forward three years and it was no surprise that I wanted to work for a company that motivated me from the beginning and allowed me to see how important it is to do the same for youth.

We have some more BIG news from Marta since we last checked in with her. We are happy to let you know that Marta is now engaged to be married to a former iD Tech Camps staff member, Sebastian "Seabass" Carden. Congratulations Marta and Sebastian, we wish you both the best!

Find out more about the courses Marta taught and the locations she worked at - this could be your chance to do something big with your summer!

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