Summer is saved! Online programs are running now.

Your kids can experience the magic of iD Tech from the comfort of home. For ages 7-19.

Summer is saved! Online programs are running now.

Your kids can experience the magic of iD Tech from the comfort of home. For ages 7-19.

Make your own apps, games, special effects, computer programs and more at! – MORE SECRET INFO!

iD Tech in action


Greetings from Grizzle (that’s me!)  I’m back to leak more info about internalDrive’s top secret new program, launching Nov. 1st;

I’ve been sworn to secrecy about this project but, I'm breaking my silence as the public has a right to know!  It looks like my last communiqué about winning a free week of camp with made it through undetected, I wonder if this one will be as lucky… they are bound to catch on to me soon…

In addition to online gaming tournaments and community forums, the main focus of Tech Rocket is self-directed, tutorial based learning.  Our ideology in designing these online tutorials is similar to our approach to teaching at camp; cool projects inspire students and makes them want to learn more.  That said, we’ve concocted some pretty cool projects that students work on through our tutorials.  Moreover, students participating in get access to all the files they needed to complete the projects including finished versions from pro's to serve as references.  Once the project is completed, it is all theirs to customize and continue to build upon.

I’m excited to show you a few screen shots of some of these projects – just a taste...

Below is a screen shot of a platform-style Flash game that students will learn to make.  I just love the characters.

To teach our students how to make special effects with Adobe After Effects, we decided to make shot a short science-fiction action film.  Our plan is to provide students with two copies of the piece, one with the special effects and one without all of the special effects.  Then, by using our tutorials, students can add in the special effects in themselves (and hopefully create a few more)!  Here’s a shots of the film (while being edited).

Students wanting to build a website will have a quick start with this basic website template.  Once constructed the site is a great foundation for any project the student has in mind, such as a school project, a band the play in, an online portfolio/resume, or just another website full of funny cat pictures!

And of course, we’ll be teaching pro game design technologies such as the tried and true UDK (Unreal Design Kit), the same software used to create Gears of War, Mass Effect and many other famous popular game series.

And iPhone / iPad apps, you bet we got that.  Anyone want to make an iphone app like Guitar Hero?  We have a Game Salad Tutorials for just that!

There is so much more but that’s all I can say for now – in fact – I’ve probably said too much…  Time for Grizzle to go back, deep underground to the top secret headquarters and get back to work.  I think they may be catching on to me…

A photo of iD Tech

With over 20 years of experience and a track record of incredible student outcomes, iD Tech is an investment in your child's future. Whether they're 7, 19, or somewhere in between, we've perfected the system to guide them from total beginner to college-bound pro. 

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