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It takes great people to run great camps. Since we are constantly implementing new courses, programs and more in order to continue making our camps the best they can be, it seemed only right to do the same for our people. Enter: iD LIFE! This isn’t just your average corporate wellness program. To get more details about this exciting new endeavor, I picked the brains of our lovely ladies in Human Resources – Kate and Allison.  Read on to see all of the cool things in store for our corporate team – and how that will translate positively to our campers, local communities, and beyond.

When was the program officially implemented?

iD LIFE officially started February 1, 2012.

What spurred on the implementation of the program?

We found that most of our employees were already doing things in an effort to be “well”.  However, some were finding it difficult to stay motivated, or they were bored with their routine, or were facing some other challenge.  As a family-oriented company, we believe it is important to support your employees in their goals both work-related and otherwise.  This seemed like an area where we could both help our individual team members and help the iD family as a whole.  The program will address and help people overcome challenges that are faced on the road to a healthy lifestyle by providing knowledge, opportunity and encouragement.

What are the goals of the program?

There are so many!  In short, we want to build a workplace that encourages our team to practice a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically, while also supporting the environment and our community.  It is our hope that in turn, it will make our team stronger and iD a more fulfilling place to work.

What, if anything, makes this corporate program unique from others?

Our development team put together a customized “ticket” tracking website for the program. It allows employees to track their “tickets” earned, as well as their progress on a road to a healthier life.  We believe that by making it easy for employees to track their wellness activities, they will be more encouraged to participate.  It even has fun facts and stats on the program for the members to check out.

We are also putting together a cookbook that will be a compilation of healthy recipes submitted by program participants.  Each iD LIFE member will receive a copy of the cookbook at the end of our inaugural year!

What types of things are offered to participants through iD LIFE?

Besides general wellness tips, we will also be putting together events for our team to participate in, such as the Campbell Valentine’s Day Fun Run [which took place a few weeks ago – see photos, below].

Employees will also be eligible for great prizes, like gift cards and wellness-related gift baskets, should they choose to take part in the program.  We feel employees should be rewarded for committing to a healthy lifestyle!

How has the employee response been to the program so far?

The team has been very receptive. Just the other day we had an instructor come in and lead an in-office yoga class tailored to people who work in offices and tend to sit all day.  Everyone was excited for the chance to take a break and work out the kinks!

How do you think this program will benefit iD employees and in turn, our campers?

As a company, if we are practicing a lifestyle based on wellness – both personal and environmental – we are setting a good example for the kids at camp.  Healthy and “green” behaviors should start at an early age and be maintained throughout life.  Balance is important; it is fun to play outdoors or volunteer in your community.

We also feel that healthy employees are happy employees.  It is our belief that happy employees are a critical component to creating a fun and rewarding environment for our campers.

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