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Let’s Play: Guess That Tech Product!

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First up – what is this tech product?  Hint #1: No, it’s not the newest line of high-powered lipstick.  Give up?  It’s called the Lytro camera, and despite its different external appearance, it’s the camera’s internal light-field technology that sets it apart from conventional cameras.


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What is light-field technology?  Most of us are accustomed to digital cameras that use lenses to capture a single path of light, and without getting too technical, this means light from only one direction reaches the sensor.  With Lytro’s camera, the entire light field is secured – “which is all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space” according to the company’s website.

The bottom line?  The captured image is actually a 3D map of whatever was photographed, meaning you don’t have to mess with and wait for auto-focus to take effect, and thus no shutter delay either.  The result being you can decide what to focus on AFTER you’ve taken the photo, instead of before.


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We just pointed out the benefits of a shoot first and focus later photo technique in a previous post, but the Lytro camera’s capabilities seem to make things even easier.  Whether you’re just beginning to learn digital photography or are a seasoned professional, this new camera technology is sure to impress. Try it out for yourself: go from focusing on the foreground to the background with Lytro’s light-field technology.

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