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Following up on our previous "Do Something Big" post about our camper-turned-programming-prodigy, Ian Cinnamon, let's take a closer look at another iD Alumni that has gone on to do big things after camp - Annie Evans!

Proving that girls can rock in the field of science and technology, Annie started at iD Tech Camps as a student, then became an instructor and is now a technology teacher in her home state of Colorado! She is starting her own technology cycle with her students now. There's no telling what her students (both at camp and at her school) will accomplish with an inspirational mentor like Annie and their new knowledge of technology.

We sat down with Annie to talk about her passion for technology and experiences at iD. Here's an excerpt from our interview with Annie:

iD: What made you want to attend iD - and then work for iD?

Annie: When I was in middle school, I loved acting and was very creative. As a camper, I attended the digital video course at iD Tech Camps and loved it so much that I signed up for web design too! It was a great fit for me when I was younger, because I could be so creative while learning practical skills! Now, I love computers and I love teaching, so iD is a perfect fit!

iD: What are your favorite things about our summer camp?

Annie: I love everything about camp! I love teaching in such a fun and goofy environment. There is a perfect balance between having fun and being safe. iD Tech does such a great job training, so I always know how to handle various situations.

iD: Is iD Tech Camps a good place for girls to attend? Why?

Annie: iD Tech is a great place for girls (and boys, of course)! There are so many opportunities to be creative with computers. It's also a great way to meet friends and learn about computer-related careers.

iD: How has iD inspired you?

Annie: When I first started instructing at iD Tech, I was studying computer science and planning to go into software development. I knew I enjoyed teaching, but I didn't realize that I LOVE teaching until camp! It completely changed my career path. Camp has also inspired me to be the very best teacher and person possible. iD Tech creates an atmosphere of high expectations. I feel motivated, but never pushed and it brings out the best in me.

Check out the full interview with Annie by clicking here.

iD Tech Camps inspires kids and teens to take what they learn and experience at summer camp and apply it to their future, just like Annie. She's spreading her love of technology to her students-something we're very proud of! Keep up the great work Annie; we can't wait to have you back at camp this summer!

Find out more about the courses Annie taught and the locations she worked at - this could be your chance to do something big with your summer!

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