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Meet another one of our Do Something Big success stories: Mike!

By first attending, then teaching at iD Tech Camps, Mike was able to find his passion for technology while combining it with his love of music. Mike is now pursuing both of these interests at college and on his own time.

Read an excerpt from our interview with Mike, below:

iD: What's your hometown and state?

Mike: West Chester, PA

iD: How many years at iD (attending and working)?

M: Attended for 3 years at Villanova in 2001, 2002, and 2003 and instructed at Villanova and Sacred Heart University in 2008.

iD: What are your favorite things about our summer camp?

M: The people are a ton of fun and are all interested in learning, whether in the classroom, outside or just through conversation.

iD: How has iD inspired you?

M: iD has taught me to think bigger. After attending and working for iD Tech I was convinced I wanted to work with computers when I was older. It also taught me that I don't have to restrict myself to one thing. I love technology, but I also love music. I've decided to combine those skills in my continuing studies.

iD: Is iD a good place to make friends?

M: iD is absolutely a great place to make friends. I still talk to a few of the kids I went to camp with years ago, not to mention the staff I worked with this summer.

iD: What's your favorite tech gadget?

M: My MacBook Pro or iPod Touch; they get me through the day and keep me organized.

iD: How has iD helped you improve in other aspects of your life besides technology?

M: iD taught me a lot about being myself. When I was younger, I was a traditional geek, but iD broke the stereotypes and made me realize that you should be who you are - regardless of stereotypes. Aspire to better yourself at all times.

iD: How did iD Tech Camps prepare you for your current position?

M: Attending iD Tech gave me the idea to major in Music Industry, combining music with technology and business. Working for iD gave me experience to talk to kids and teach. This teaching is something I now do quite often to help underclassmen register for classes, etc.

Mike, we're so proud of what you've accomplished and look forward to welcoming you back to instruct this summer!

Find out more about the courses Mike taught and the locations he worked at - this could be your chance to do something big with your summer!

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