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Tech Rocket Secret Headquarters

Greetings and Happy Holidays from the Tech Rocket Secret Headquarters! internalDrive’s newest online program, Tech Rocket has been up and running for only a month and a half and there is already so much to report!

The Gift of Knowledge!

Students are having a ball learning from our ever growing collection of tutorials!  They are learning how to make their own video games with GameSalad, a game design software for all levels of skill that is used to make games for the iPad, iPhone and more!  By popular demand, we’ve just released some Java™ tutorials teaching students the basics of how to program in Java™ – an excellent start for students who are gearing up for our summer programs!  But that’s not all, we have nearly a dozen different technologies covered on Tech Rocket for nearly every sort of  interest, including UDK game design, making iPhone/iPad apps with iOS, special FX with After Effects and more!

Win a Free Week at Camp!

That’s right!  Last month, user Slartibrtfst won a $100 dollar vouch to be put towards our camps or academy programs, which he’ll be using to treat himself to some time at the iD Programming Academy.  How did he win this?  Simply by playing the game Nyan Cat Fly at the Tech Rocket Arcade!  Every month a game from the arcade is featured and the winner(s) are eligible for a prize.  It’s not too late to win a free week of camp for yourself, this month the user with the highest score on Tower of Greed will also win a $1000 dollar voucher!  You can do it!

Spreading Good Will and Holiday Cheer on the Forums!

A wonderful community of bright, well-spoken and friendly students is forming on the Tech Rocket Forums and it is a beautiful thing to watch!  Every day I’m delighted by what I’m seeing on the forums, students helping teach each other, sharing ideas for projects and generally spreading the kind of good will that this holiday season is all about!  You’ll want your student to be a part of this!

Come in a join the fun! Sign up for Tech Rocket today!

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