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Las Vegas is all about summer camps, oh, and CES…

instructor helping student at computer tech camp

Readying to wrap yet another year as one of the nation’s leading technology-related trade shows, the 2012 version of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) appeased the masses as expected.

After all, it is CES that has wowed audiences over the years by introducing massive marvels like Samsung’s 102-inch plasma TV in 2005, and continuing the tech tradition with experiences like the tablet-driven show of 2011.  Celebrities ranging from to Adrian Grenier to Jay-Z (appearing in a Bill Gates skit) have taken part in the event, so what makes the 2012 rendition special?

Maybe it was Justin Bieber and a dancing robot, or 50 Cent’s new audio gear.   There were plenty of iPad-rival products from Acer, Lenovo, and others trying to push their way to the front in order to make the most of Apple’s show absence.  And don’t forget Razer’s ‘Project Fiona’ gaming tablet (pictured above), which is essentially a screen with two handles equipped on both sides for a more ”controlled” gaming experience.  Not to mention plenty of new cameras, amazing HDTVs, and a host of other gadgets and gizmos.

All in all, not a bad showing, and who knows what next year will have in store.  But, while it might be another year before CES returns to Nevada in 2013, there will be plenty of technology on hand this summer as students begin to show for our Las Vegas summer camps held at UNLV.