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Kinect crossing over from cool video game tool to practical “real world” device?

boy assembling project circuit board

It’s all fun and games until someone goes and uses their Kinect to display digital medical scans or to manipulate DNA for a class project…Microsoft has recently announced they will launch a commercial SDK for the Kinect in the near future.  They did so by simultaneously releasing a video called “The Kinect Effect” that pieces together a variety of clips portraying Kinect uses above and beyond your typical gaming applications.  It’s cool, and inspirational.

If you aren’t familiar with Microsoft’s Kinect, the device allows video game players to control and interact with the Xbox 360 through natural human movement without having to use the typical game controller – much like Nintendo’s Wii and Playstation’s Move.


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With a commercial software development kit, the Kinect will allow anyone to develop apps for it, taking programming for the Xbox 360 to another level.  And as the video shows, the possibilities are endless with swipes, pinches, and other movements controlling what we see on screen.

With this, we are witnessing technology grow from enhancing the personal entertainment experience to something that has practical, real world uses more and more each day.