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Kids and Technology in 2012 – the “Future” is Here

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First and foremost, Happy New Year!  It feels like I just started getting the hang of correctly dating documents with “2011” and I am sure it will be months before writing “2012” feels natural.

So here we are, in 2012.  As a kid, year 20XX always sounded so futuristic.  I remember watching Marty McFly travel to – wait for it – the year 2015 in Back to the Future Part II and thinking what an amazingly advanced landscape the forthcoming world had in store for me.  And while there are a lot of things the movie promised that have not yet come to fruition, it certainly got one thing right…there will be technological advancements in some way, shape, or form.

I mean, that is how most of us classify different generations, right?  Child to parent: “Wait, you didn’t have computers when you were in school?  No cell phones?” or “What is a floppy disk?”  It’s odd to think that items like CDs or DVDs will someday be terms of technology past.

With all of this, the point is that technology is forever evolving; it will always be present and those who are educated on today’s tools will be better suited to master tomorrow’s creations and inventions.

More importantly, while technology becomes bigger and better, the need for people to fill tech roles and careers will be just as prevalent.  Thus, understanding how to create your own iPhone app is not only something fun and cool to explore, but is a skill of tremendous value.  The same can be said for learning more about any other type of tech product or component.

While it seems like we have hit our limit with the technology we are using today – tablets, smartphones, computers, etc. – “tomorrow” will be made up of so much more.  Those who integrate “learning” in addition to playing or using can expect to stay ahead of the curve.

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