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Kids and Computers = Peanut Butter and Jelly

girl holding ipad taking group selfie

There really isn’t any other way to say it.  The computer, a machine that offers a vast number of creative tools, together with a youthful brain, full of everlasting imagination and the need for a creative outlet.  The two strike the perfect complement to each other; a match that rivals that of sweet, sticky peanut butter eaten with the translucent fruit spread goodness that is jelly.

Thus, Kids and Computers = Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Sure, you can have one without the other…a little peanut butter and banana, some jelly on toast.  Still good on their own or with others, but a winning combination together.  Likewise, kids and teens can find quality ways to spend their days, away from technology or the computer, but there are plenty of indicators that say time is more valuable when spent learning new skills that will prepare their young minds for secure, lucrative STEM jobs.



Either way, whether it’s peanut butter and jelly, or kids wanting to dive deeper into tech hobbies and interests, my advice is to stay hungry.  Seek answers to questions – no matter how big or small – and push yourself to be better while still having fun.  You like playing on your phone? Learn to create iphone apps.  Intrigued by your Xbox?  Make your own game.  Whatever it is, just know that there is always opportunity to explore.