It's a coder! "The Reveal" commercial from iD Tech!

iD Tech in action

Did you happen to catch the latest TV commercial from iD Tech? If so, you can learn more about our high-energy online courses taught by live, elite instructors right here! (Or, watch the TV spot again!)

We’re having a coder!”

Sound familiar? 

Well, maybe not yet, but it’s the punchline to one of two commercials anchoring the first ever national TV campaign in iD Tech’s storied history!

I’ll explain in a bit, but if you haven’t yet caught a live spot, check out the video by clicking here or through the image below:

And here’s a breakdown for those who can’t watch right now:

Friends and family gather around as a couple approaches a large piñata adorned with a giant iD green question mark…

“Alright, let’s do this” as a smiling wife hands her anxious husband his swinging stick.

The lefty winds up, and boom! Full contact! Onlookers stare intently as the piñata’s contents fall to the ground—a keyboard, a mouse, and USB drives galore.

The big reveal? Yep, you guessed it...

“It’s a coder!” Friends squeal with excitement as the two happy parents make their rounds for high fives and hugs. The voice-over brings the spot to a close:

“That’s right, Jennifer, it’s a coder…Whether they were born a coder, or just starting to express interest, iD Tech helps kids and teens pursue their passions through tech. Brilliance built here.” 


Pretty cool, right? It might also make you think, if only it were that easy!

Well, while you might not be able to gauge whether or not coding is in your child's future upon birth, here are a few questions you can ask and answer to help get you started:

Does your child enjoy video games and/or apps?

If your child enjoys these things, that's a good start. It's a lot easier for kids to get excited about creating something cool with coding if they already enjoy the thing they’re trying to create!

Does your child want to change the world?

Wow, that escalated quickly, right? But hey, this isn’t off base: there are plenty of examples, historic and current, showing how coding has changed the world

Does your child want in-demand skills for jobs of the future?

For parents looking to give their children a leg up when it comes time to fill the jobs of tomorrow, that means introducing STEM in early childhood to help kids develop related tech skills and essentially “future-proof” their education.

(If you need more guidance, check out this post on figuring out if coding is for your child.)

School's out. Virtual Tech Camps are in. 

So, perhaps you know your child is a coder, or maybe you don't.

But if there's one positive we can take away from schools being shuttered it's the fact that kids and teens can now take part in a topic, like coding, that might not have ever been an option for them before. 

So, while school is out, Virtual Tech Camps are in. And that means coding is in. Game development is in. All of these topics and more are in, and ready for kids to jump into right now. 

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