Introducing Squads After School!

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We are living in a world of outdated definitions and brand new terminology—It’s almost as if we need a pre-COVID and post-COVID dictionary (or Wikipedia) to navigate through our conversations and decision making. 

Nothing is safe from this revamping and innovation, and rightly so, as this new landscape requires new thinking and modified approaches. 

So as we make our way into fall, ”school” is now taking on a much different meaning and description; even different than what it had just recently transformed into only months ago when all of this began.

Some kids are physically going into the classroom, some aren’t yet; some are practicing both approaches. Do parents even know?

And where does that leave enrichment? 

Are “after-school” enrichment activities going to command more of the spotlight? Meaning, will it be enough to just enrich, or are parents going to need more of an education replacement, or at least a much heavier supplement? 

There is also the need to provide social time.

As you can see, there are a ton of questions, and frankly, nobody has perfect answers.

But while that one magic solution might never manifest itself, parents will continue to do what they do best, and that is try to find the best option for their kids for the given moment and surrounding circumstances. 

Introducing Squads After School

To meet these evolving needs - and to provide viable solutions - our team of dedicated educators has been working around the clock since early March—first with the well-received rollout of our Virtual Tech Camps, and then the successful expansion of our Online Private Lessons

Now, we are excited to introduce Squads After School—an online, social learning option for kids and teens wanting to dive into a hot tech topic, like all things iD Tech, but to do so with friends. Students can invite existing friends or use the experience as an opportunity to build new relationships. 

For parents, this new Squads experience provides a structured enrichment opportunity that they can feel good and confident about given iD Tech’s 20+ years at the helm of tech education.

Here is the breakdown of details:

How Squads work

Simply choose an after-school course for your student—they can dive into Roblox, Minecraft, Java, Python, YouTube, or something else (more on courses below). Then, choose the day of the week that works best (Monday-Thursday, or Saturday).  Your student will join their Squad online on that day for 90 minutes, for four consecutive weeks.

Then, after registering, you have the option to invite their friends and share your referral code. Any time a new iD Tech student registers for Squads using your code, you’ll both save $25. Or, you can let kids go at it on their own so they can build those aforementioned new relationships. (Up to 4 other students can join per session.)

From there, students get matched with an iD Certified rockstar instructor - game dev gurus, coding pros, and design experts - and off they go!

Check out the clip below!

Squads courses

Have kids or teens dreaming of launching their own indie game studio? Do they love Minecraft and Roblox? Or maybe they have an eye for design?

Actually, we know you do! Since 1999 we’ve seen kids with blooming tech interests head off to camp to explore these very topics. 

Squads After School is no different. Whatever your child’s passion, they can build an impressive skillset, flex their creativity, and experiment with the newest and best tools from Adobe, Epic Games, Nvidia, LEGO, Roblox, and more. 

  • Club Roblox: Floor is Lava!
  • Club Minecraft: Defeat the Ender Dragon!
  • Club Minecraft: Bed Wars
  • Virtual Robotics: Castle Crashers
  • Roblox Game Club: Story Games
  • Minecraft Game Club: SkyWars
  • Game Design 101: JavaScript Side Scroller
  • Game Design 102: Custom Sprites
  • Virtual Robotics: Artificial Intelligence
  • Animation Studio: Character Design
  • Minecraft Modding: Custom Mobs with Java
  • Game Dev: Third-Person Games in Unity
  • Java Coding: Card Games and Algorithms
  • Code Remix: Apps and Games
  • Python: Arcade Game Design
  • YouTube: Streaming FX and Post Production

View all after-school courses

Inviting friends (it pays!)

Not only are Squads built to blend social time and tech learning, but you can save for each friend you refer as well.

As mentioned, when you register for Squads, you'll receive a unique referral code that can be shared with friends via social media, email, or text. You'll earn a $25 credit for each new referral, and your friends will save $25, too!

Make sure to check out the details here

Benefits of social learning

When learning is fun, concepts stick. And when they stick, the long-term outcomes are incredible, leading to BIG success in school, college, and dream careers! We have proven year after year that learning alongside new or existing friends is the perfect way to boost the fun factor.

In Squads, participants can:

  • Get creative and bounce crazy ideas off each other
  • Collaborate to solve problems and improve their projects
  • Bond over challenges and celebrate wins together
  • Stay connected amidst COVID-era social distancing


Passion for tech. Unmatched expertise. Personality that brings out your student’s best—there's no replacement for the best teacher.

  • We retain our finest staff from our worldwide programs to teach online
  • Stanford, Caltech, NYU: Our elite talent comes from the top universities. Very few can wear the “iD Tech Certified” badge.
  • Meticulous background and reference checks
  • All-adult instructors (no high schoolers)

Learning tech is cool. But experimenting with the hottest tech alongside friends? That's game-changing.

Book now for Squads running September through December. Space is limited and courses will sell out quickly.

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Ryan manages blog content at iD Tech, starting with the company in 2008. He earned his MBA from Santa Clara University after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State. Connect on LinkedIn!

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