Introducing HQ Camps: Bring the magic of iD Tech to your workplace!

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One of the reasons we hype up our 150+ summer camp locations is because of the convenience such an expansive lineup provides. (In case you missed it, we pulled 30 random zip codes and charted their proximity to an iD Tech location... the results didn’t disappoint!)

But, like everything we do, we are constantly thinking about how to go even bigger and better. Or in this case, closer and more convenient.

So, if we are already located at 150+ campuses globally (and adding more each summer), what are our options?

Well, we could set up camp... in your home?

Unfortunately, that probably wouldn’t work out on a global scale. (Though we do offer Online Private Lessons with one-on-one remote instruction, where your child can prep for a coding course, continue learning afterward, or dive into a new topic from the comfort of home.)

Perhaps the next best thing would be bringing the magic of iD Tech to your office or place of work.

With that, we are pleased to announce iD Tech’s HQ Camps, our programs for ages 7–17 held on-site at company offices!

Why do parents and students love our workplace camps?

Our HQ camps provide a hassle-free, guilt-free, bring-your-kid-to-work week. What could be more perfect for working moms and dads?

Take it from this parent whose student attended our pilot program at PayPal headquarters in San Jose, CA:

"With iD Tech at my work, I get the best of all worlds—my son loves to come to my office, only one stop on our commute... and we get great one-on-one time before and after camp. Love it!" -Michael Bergines, Business Unit Leader, PayPal

At our HQ Camps, students can:

  • Experience an inspirational, real-world work environment
  • Collaborate and bond with other employees’ children
  • Build in-demand tech skills and get a serious competitive edge for the future

(Our recent alumni survey revealed that 9 out of 10 iD Tech students go on to major in STEM in college!)

How will hosting iD Tech benefit your company?

For starters, it sets your company apart from the pack by introducing a unique perk for your competitive benefits package.

Offering these programs can also:

  • Boost productivity and reduce stress by eliminating the commute to childcare
  • Increase morale by supporting employees' students
  • Provide an inspiring venue in which students can build STEM skills
  • Contribute to filling the STEM talent pipeline—and generate positive buzz for the cause

So, how does it all work?

By now, you may be thinking this all sounds pretty incredible. And you’re right! But perhaps you’re concerned about the logistics. Let’s break it down.

iD Tech provides the following:

  • Turnkey lab setup
  • World-renowned curriculum
  • Proprietary course delivery system (iD Game Plan)
  • Trained instructional staff
  • iD Tech imaged laptops and peripherals
  • Laptop carts and organizational storage
  • Software and account management
  • Camp and curriculum hardware kits
  • Insurance
  • Branding and lab decor
  • Recommended courses
  • Dedicated Camp Specialist

Your company provides the following:

  • Secure space for “iD Lab” with storage for supplies
  • Wi-fi
  • Lunch for students and staff (prefer to eat in employee commons if possible)
  • On-site point person for fielding communication and support for staff
  • A guaranteed minimum number of students per week
  • A “subsidized cost” to pass on to employees (if any)
  • (Optional) Company swag or company store gift cards for students

We’re dedicated to making the HQ Camps experience smooth for parents and employers—and unforgettable for students.

Ready to get started?

Opportunities to bring iD Tech to your workplace are limited and in high demand. Don't let your company miss out on this one-of-a-kind program... apply today!



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