internalDrive Partners with Arbor Day Foundation to Plant One Tree for Every Registered Student

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Leader in summer STEM education unites technology and ecology with “One Camper, One Tree” initiative.

Campbell, CA—Earth Day is upon us, landing in the midst of the registration season for the leader in summer technology camps, internalDrive, Inc.  The company runs iD Tech Camps and iD Teen Academies, summer programs focused on developing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills for kids and teens.

Students who register this summer at an internalDrive program will not only build cool projects and develop new tech skills—they will simultaneously impact the environment in a positive way.  The initiative, dubbed One Camper, One Tree, plants a tree for every camper who enrolls for camp.  Now in its 4th year, the initiative has successfully planted over 75,000 trees—and will plant close to 30,000 trees in 2013 alone.

“I always hear about companies who want to help the environment.  But few actually step up in a big way.  We’re doing something meaningful.  Over the long term, we want to plant 1 million trees.  We’re committed to it.  It shows our students that the world’s ecosystem is important.  We want to be good role models for our students.  If our company doesn’t commit to the environment, who will?” said Pete Ingram-Cauchi, CEO of internalDrive.

This will be the 15th season for iD Tech Camps, offering courses to ages 7-17 in programming, app development, web design, game design, 3D modeling & animation, robotics, film, and photography. Ages 13-18 can enroll in intensive, pre-college iD Teen Academies including iD Programming Academy, iD Gaming Academy, and iD Visual Arts Academy.  Held at over 60 university campuses including Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton, the summer programs show students how their passions can turn into STEM careers.  Programs offer a taste of college life and teach vital 21st century critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.

Last summer, students enrolled in the Autodesk® Maya® - 3D Modeling & Animation course created fifteen second videos demonstrating the negative environmental effects of littering, polluting, and smoking.  The curriculum focused on blending technology learning with environmental activism.

The One Camper, One Tree initiative is one of numerous manifestations of what the company calls iD Greening. Students are encouraged to conserve energy by turning off computers and monitors when not in use. Recycling is promoted at all program sites, and parents can use a carpool app to share rides to and from their programs—saving gas.  This summer, they’ll be able to check-in and check-out each day via a newly-created app to reduce paper consumption.

In a fast-paced, high-tech setting, positive environmental practices can get lost in the shuffle. For internalDrive, however, being “green,” is not a side-note or an afterthought—it’s a fundamental principle the company has lived by since its 1999 inception. By maintaining a balance between technology and ecology, the summer program strives to be a positive model of environmental conscientiousness for students and parents.

“We want our students to pursue their passions and develop skills to help them succeed in future STEM careers,” explains internalDrive President and CEO Pete Ingram-Cauchi. “We also need to ensure they have a healthy, green world to live in, because they can’t realize their dreams if the environment around them is falling apart.”

Enrollment has risen significantly this year, due to an increasing demand for technology education. Thousands more students will hone their tech skills this summer, and thousands of trees will be planted as a result. Through the partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, internalDrive demonstrates its commitment to the future of the planet, and the future success of their students.  Now we can all breathe a little more easily.

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