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Inspirational 16-Year-Old Ann Makosinski Invents Body-Heat-Operated Flashlight

Recently, major news sites and blogs have been raving about Ann Makosinski, the brilliant 16-year-old who invented a body-heat-operated flashlight. Read the full article over at

According to, "two years ago, Makosinski was inspired by a friend in the Philippines who didn't have electricity – the girl told Ann she couldn't complete her homework and was failing in school."

Using Peltier thermoelectric tiles, Ann went straight to work to produce a light source that ran solely on body heat. She told ABC News, "We have so much energy just radiating out of us, and it's totally being wasted."

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After placing second in a local Science Fair, a teacher at her school recommended she submit her invention to Google's 2013 Science Fair. Makosinski was named a finalist in September, traveled to the company's headquarters, and was awarded  a $25,000 scholarship prize for winning her age group.

Since then, she has appeared on The Tonight Show, and given multiple TEDx Talks. Check this one out:

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Header image from TEDx Talks on YouTube.