Inspirational 16-Year-Old Ann Makosinski Invents Body-Heat-Operated Flashlight

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Recently, major news sites and blogs have been raving about Ann Makosinski, the brilliant 16-year-old who invented a body-heat-operated flashlight. Read the full article over at

According to, "two years ago, Makosinski was inspired by a friend in the Philippines who didn't have electricity – the girl told Ann she couldn't complete her homework and was failing in school."

Using Peltier thermoelectric tiles, Ann went straight to work to produce a light source that ran solely on body heat. She told ABC News, "We have so much energy just radiating out of us, and it's totally being wasted."

After placing second in a local Science Fair, a teacher at her school recommended she submit her invention to Google's 2013 Science Fair. Makosinski was named a finalist in September, traveled to the company's headquarters, and was awarded  a $25,000 scholarship prize for winning her age group.

Since then, she has appeared on The Tonight Show, and given multiple TEDx Talks. Check this one out:

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Header image from TEDx Talks on YouTube.

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